WWE WrestleMania 30 Results: Instant Classic Moments from PPV

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistApril 7, 2014

WWE WrestleMania 30 Results: Instant Classic Moments from PPV

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    WrestleMania XXX provided some outstanding moments for WWE fans, creating pieces of history that will no doubt be remembered forever.

    We had iconic segments, huge results and drama aplenty. All in all, the show was executed pretty well overall, and it has given the company plenty to work with moving forward.

    There was a raft of moments that could easily be described as classic, with some surely going down as the biggest and most significant moments in the history of the company.

    So, let's take a look at just five moments from WrestleMania XXX that became instant classics.

Daniel Bryan Denies the Game

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    Daniel Bryan's battle with Triple H was a great encounter, and it set the scene for the rest of the night brilliantly.

    However, the most notable moment from that match came in the middle of it. From nowhere, Triple H locked Bryan's head in between his legs and delivered a brutal Pedigree.

    That was it. One, two, three. There was no way Bryan was kicking out of Triple H's signature maneuver, right? Wrong.

    It was a moment that really got the crowd going, and the reactions of Triple H and Stephanie to the two-count were brilliant and really helped to sell the spot.

    Bryan winning was big, but this really got the match moving.

Kofi's Traditional Royal Moment

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    He is famous for providing a moment that brings the crowd to its feet in Battle Royal or Royal Rumble matches, and Kofi Kingston delivered again at WrestleMania XXX.

    When he was slung over the turnbuckle, he looked like he was well and truly out of the running.

    However, he miraculously landed on the steel steps on the edge of the ring, meaning he was technically still in the running.

    Although you knew he was never realistically going to win the match, it was a pretty great spot from Kofi Kingston and the WWE.

    It is one of the most traditional things we see in the company these days.

The Horrific Batista Bomb

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    It was the most gruesome spot of the entire night, without a doubt.

    Daniel Bryan was being butchered and dismantled by Batista and Randy Orton in the early exchanges, and it took a violent turn when the announce table was cleared.

    Receiving a Batista Bomb through an announce table is bad enough. To have it followed up by an RKO is even worse. It was a great moment and is one of those rare moments that can send a crowd wild.

    Orton landed pretty nastily himself, as he fell on a monitor when he delivered the RKO. Bryan, naturally, came off even worse.

    Although Bryan went on to get the win, this is a pretty notable moment from that brilliant match, and due to the shock value, it easily makes it an instant classic.

Cesaro Wins the Battle Royal

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    Surely, nobody thought Cesaro was going to emerge as the winner of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal? After wrestling in the pre-show, he pulled double duty to beat 29 other men.

    Although the Big Show was the overwhelming favorite when it got down to the last two, Cesaro somehow overcame the odds by eliminating the giant.

    It was even more impressive in the way the match finished. Cesaro almost replicated Hulk Hogan's iconic slam of Andre the Giant by lifting up Big Show and hurling him over the top rope.

    Big things are planned for Cesaro, of that there can be little doubt. You get the feeling the Battle Royal win will be just the start.

The Streak Comes to a Stunning End

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    It is arguably the biggest and most influential moment in WrestleMania history. The picture above is quite apt, actually, as Paul Heyman's reaction was exactly the same as millions of wrestling fans worldwide.

    The streak has ended. It is a moment you never imagined would happen. The odds were bang against Lesnar, but somehow, he did the unthinkable.

    When he hit that third F-5 on The Undertaker and scored the winning pinfall, the reaction was complete and utter bewilderment.

    The announcers were silent, which actually helped sell the moment even more. The crowd was in disbelief at what it had just seen, and rightly so.

    As classic moments go, this is the biggest of the lot.