Jungle Noise: Training Camp News and Notes

Tom MirickCorrespondent IJune 18, 2009

CINCINNATI - MAY 2:  Rookie lineman Kyle Cook #67 of the Cincinnati Bengals takes a break from drills during rookie mini camp May 2, 2008 next to Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnnati, Ohio. (Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images)

Jungle Noise: No vacancy at the Palmer Inn

Chad OchoCinco, in an interview last week, said he was staying at the Palmers' house, and would baby sit the twins so the Palmers could go out on the town.

Palmer on Wednesday said, "Unless he’s picking up my mortgage for the months of July and August, he can’t stay."

"He’s not living for free,” said Palmer, the father of five-month-old twins. "I don’t need another kid around the house.”


Fight Back

Marvin Lewis unveiled the t-shirt with the slogan for this year’s training camp: FIGHT BACK.

Coming off a 4-11-1 season, the Bengals were beaten up. Maybe the most telling event was when Carson Palmer's nose was broken in the preseason.

This year Marvin is calling for his team to fight back, and change the tide of power in the AFC North.


Speaking of Fighting Back

The Bengals' new center Kyle Cook and MLB Dhani Jones were involved in post-snap extracurricular activity.

On a down-field block, Dhani and Kyle got physical with each other, which surprised none of Cook’s offensive lineman. They have been aware of Cook’s mean streak on the field for quite some time; it is just now he is getting to showcase it being the starting center.

The play resulted in Cook’s helmet coming off. Cook and Dhani later joked about the incident later on after practice.

Dhani said I love that he is on our offense, and doing such a great job.


Bengals Signings

The Bengals have inked sixth round cornerback Morgan Trent to a four-year-deal. Trent, the former Wolverine is recovering from a stress fracture suffered on the second day of minicamp. The Bengals have also signed seventh round pick WR Freddie Jones to a four-year-deal with a reported $37,600 signing bonus.