Golden Boy Should Learn From Toprank

Huwebes FernandezCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

Manny Pacquiao will be the only boxer in the history of all combat sports to win 7 titles in as many weight divisions. A feat no other fighter has ever done. 

Several news and articles coming out from different boxing websites are now getting their headlines published with a Pacquiao-Cotto clash happening and saying that this fight is a sure event waiting to happen as only the signature between the two is the only missing aspect in making the fight take place.

The fight is a no brainer because they are both under the wings of Top Rank. By this time he is already grinning because he can get all the money and the control  without having a headache of having another company mingle with his masterful hands in promoting an event as huge as this  with  Oscar Dela Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions.

Since their first partnership back in 2007, when they  made the Pacquiao-Barrera II, their union already made many fights that  translated into multi-million dollar profits. The only drawback is that after the big fights, they also split their profits between their companies. That occurence is comparable to fighters that also have different sharing percentages after they have signed the dotted line.

Now that Bob Arum is planning on single handedly making the fight push through  by pitting his own fighters, since the Margarito-Cotto bout, he can now again successfully get all the money and the control he wants by not getting some split in the revenues of this mega-event.

Oscar Dela Hoya and Sugar Shane Mosley also want to fight Pacquiao but problem is Bob wants to promote the fight alone because he knows- who needs a Mosley or a Mayweather when you have the Money train Manny Pacquiao on your turf and that alone is more than enough… much to the envy of Oscar dela Hoya.

So What does Oscar and the rest of the his old time companions must now do?

They must pit their own fighters too and not make their own pride go lower than ten feet  and must now start the negotiations about making their own boys do the fight and not the talking.Act now before it's too late! It’s a must now to make what's the best fight for them in terms of profit and in bringing much more excitement to the fans.

The biggest news today is that Mayweather has already given the green signal to postpone his fight with Marquez due to his rib injury that has been acquired during his training session but the inside scoop about the real reason is that it is indefinitely postponed because of low ticket sales and minimal excitement that this bout have produced ever since they have announced the fight hours before  Pacquiao sent  Hatton into oblivion.

Mosley-Marquez showdown is the most logical thing to do right now for Golden Boy Promotions as the winner will surely face the winner of Pacquiao-Cotto fight. That  will be a sure hit to the fans of the sweet science because of their contrasting styles that they always bring to the table.

Oscar and his promotional company must now do what they knows best…after all they are the ones making the big fights now after Top Rank and or else Golden Boy Promotions will be left out in the cold if he will just stay in his office shouting Manny Pacquiao's name all day long.

They should take the risk… after all—some risks are worth taking!