On My Wrestling Soapbox: Live From TNA's House Show In Grand Rapids, MI

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IJune 20, 2009

What's up guys.  I'm back with a special edition of "The Soapbox."

I had the pleasure of attending last night's TNA House Show at the Deltaplex in Grand Rapids, Mich.  It was my first time attending a TNA show so I really didn't know what to expect.

For those that listen to HTR, you know that I'm not always the biggest fan of TNA and what they do, but I must say, they put on one hell of a house show!  

It's a ticket that is well worth the price of admission (though I went for free) as it is very likely that you will leave the show with multiple autographs and pictures of some of your favorite TNA stars. 

Jeremy Borash (JB) was the MC/Ring Announcer for the night and he kept things pretty entertaining. 

Multiple backstage passes were given out throughout the night. The funniest thing was that a number of kids would come up to me and ask me for backstage passes because I had my HTR press pass on. 

They didn't believe me when I told them that HTR had no affiliation with TNA, we were just there covering the event. One kid told me, "hey man, you can work it out."

After getting away from the rabid children, I took my seat and enjoyed what was an awesome show!

The card was very heavy with stars with Michigan ties. 

Rhino, Scott Steiner, and The Motorcity Machine Guns were all on the card.  I was surprised not to see Kevin Nash, another native Detroiter participate in the show. 

The highlight of my night of course was seeing Angelina Love!  Yeah!  She's even hotter in person. 

Second highlight of the night was getting a beer shower from James Storm!  Who would of known that I could take so much delight in having a beer spewed on me from the mouth of another human being!  It was sweet!

There was a lady right next to me who was utterly disgusted however. She screamed obscenities for a good five minutes. She obviously doesn't watch much TNA, as Storm does this in every match. Storm eventually told her to shutup which was hilarious! 

JB kept talking about a "huge surprise" after the main event match which was Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner vs. Beer Money, Inc. 

It was a huge surprise indeed!

Several of the wrestlers came out, signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. 

You even had the opportunity to take a picture in the six-sided ring with Kurt Angle for $20.  Not bad for the experience! 

Though I was there in a "working capacity" I couldn't help but get a few autographs. 

I got autographs from JB, Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. I'll give these to my son as he is a huge TNA fan! 

I was able to talk to Jay Lethal and JB who were both overall pretty nice guys.  I tried to get a "Oooh Yeah" soundbite for the show from Jay Lethal but he politely said no. 

Another surprise of the night was the apparent return of Jacqueline.  Haven't seen her in a while but she wrestled Rhaka Khan at the show. 

There were some funny moments throughout the night as the TNA stars get very interactive with the fans. 

Scott Steiner came out to one of the biggest pops of the night but gave a heel promo saying that Grand Rapids sucked and he wished he were in Detroit.  He also insulted Michigan State Spartan fans as he is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He told all MSU fans to suck it!!  (I agree with him 100 percent)

Beer Money probably provided the most comedy of the night as they cut a promo before the match against Angle and Steiner. 

There were two very "busty" ladies in the front row that were huge Steiner marks and were screaming all kinds of obscenities at Beer Money. 

James Storm asked one side of the arena to chant "Beer" and the other side to chant "Money."  He then asked the middle section of the arena to chant "Big Huge Boobies" as an ode to the ladies in the front row.  Pretty funny stuff!

Robert Roode also motioned the ladies to flash him throughout the match and extended his hands out from his chest to indicate that the ladies were "well endowed". 

Roode also pulled down Angle's tights in the match and let's just say it was a "full moon" in the Deltaplex for a short time.  The fans ate it up!  They loved it! 

Speaking of Angle, after the match he took the mic to announce the "big surprise" but before he made the announcement he addressed his contract situation with TNA.

He talked about how he loved performing in front of smaller crowds because it gave him an opportunity to personally thank all of the TNA fans. 

He also told the crowd people were crazy if they think he's leaving TNA and Vince McMahon can kiss his ass!  Pretty strong words from the Olympic Champion.

I must say, TNA puts on a house show that is much better than WWE's (yes I said it). 

They perform in small arenas which allows them to be interactive with the fans.  It makes everyone feel apart of the show and I personally loved that. 

My first TNA live experience certainly will not be my last.

For one night, I "Crossed The Line."

I'm officially off "The Soapbox."

Be sure to checkout www.hittheropes.com for results and photos from last night's matches.  Also continue to check out the website as I will be live at Slammiversary with exclusive coverage. 


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