For the Win: The Coolest Stuff in Sports for the Week

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 18, 2014

For the Win: The Coolest Stuff in Sports for the Week

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    Jeff Chiu

    Yasiel Puig did what he does best, Gareth Bale brought his track shoes to a soccer match and we have a ton of cool sports items to show you, because there is no end to our generosity. 

    Welcome back to another edition of "For the Win," where we cull the grand expanse of the Interwebz to find the coolest moments from the week in sports. 

    If we happened to have missed an awesome video or hilarious GIF, please remedy our egregious error in the comments section below. 

    Now, let's delve into some absurd innings, amazing goals and a whole lot of cool.  

Jay and Dan Get Brutalized

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    An Andy Roddick is a terrible thing to waste. 

    Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole decided to harness their inner Jackass and let former tennis star Andy Roddick pummel them with tennis balls. 

    It looks and sounds very painful, which means it's sports entertainment the entire family can enjoy. Yay!

Hornet-Suggested Dip in the Lake

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    Now, we do have to say that there isn't anything "cool" about being stung by hornets. However, this video is fresh off the "you don't see that everyday" pile, so we just had to include it. 

    ESPN reports golfer Pablo Larrazabal decided he had had just about enough of being stung by hornets, so he dove into a nearby lake at the Malaysian Open Friday. Thankfully, Larrazabal was fine, despite sustaining multiple stings.

    Now, the part that is cool is how the golfer regroups and drops two mighty fine shots after drying off. 

Gareth Bale Scores Ridiculous Goal

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    If Gareth Bale gets out in front of you, he is gone. There is no way you are going to catch him. Unfortunately, the same holds true if he happens to start a goal-scoring run from behind you as well. 

    This wonder goal in Wednesday's Copa del Rey was far more than a stirring look at a player with immense speed and deft movement on the ball; it was, as Mirror's David Cartlidge puts it, Bale's first true Los Blancos moment. 

    According to Cartlidge, Bale has arrived, and it only took one ridiculous goal. 

Activate the Puig

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    The Puig has Puiged. 

    On Thursday, the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the San Francisco Giants, while Yasiel Puig battled himself. As we all know, everyone wins in that scenario. 

    Bleacher Report's Kyle Newport highlights this hilarious moment when Puig's lazy effort resulted in a brilliant throw to get the runner out. 

    What's more staggering is that this wasn't the only highlight (Puig-light?) of the inning. As Newport spots, Puig made a masterful over-the-shoulder grab in the same inning. 

    This guy is just a joy to watch play. 

Automotive Hoops

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    As it turns out, we haven't seen every last trick shot on the market. 

    Sploid's Jesus Diaz spotted this video of David Kalb bouncing a couple of balls outside of his moonroof and then scoring. It's all because, well, he can. 

Stealing Home

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    Grant VanPutten is sick of your tied ballgame, so he is just going to end things right now. 

    MLB Fan Cave explains the game-ending walk-off steal: "Calvin College's Grant VanPutten has some guts. With the game tied and the bases loaded, VanPutten took off from third base and attempted to steal home. He was safe."

    Even Willie Mays Hayes thinks this is impressive. 

Brandin Cooks' Surprise

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    The feels are strong with this one. 

    Yahoo! Sports' Anwar S. Richardson spotted this wonderfully emotional video of former Oregon State receiver Brandin Cooks giving his mother one heck of a present. 

    Richardson writes: 

    Cooks, a former Oregon State standout, will likely make a lot of money in the NFL. He is expected to be selected in the early rounds of this year’s draft. After running the fastest time at the NFL scouting combine (4.33 seconds), Cooks received a check for $100,000 from Adidas for clocking the quickest 40-yard dash time.

    Instead of making a lavish purchase for himself, Cooks decided to reward his mom, Andrea Cooks, with a new Mercedes-Benz GLK 350.

    If you wanted those heartstrings tugged just a bit more, Cooks' father died when the football player was just six years old. Since then, his mother has been taking care of him and his two brothers. 

Who Ordered the Triple Play?

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    The New York Yankees messed around and got a triple play Thursday. It all starts with Yangervis Solarte who quickly corrals a grounder, steps on his bag and starts a masterful trip around the bases for the Yankees infielders. 


    The other cool aspect of this treat was the stat from MLB's Stat of the Day Twitter account, stating that C.C. Sabathia "has been on the mound for all three of the Yankees' most recent triple plays - 2010, 2013 and 2014."

Class Act

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    J.J. Watt is something of a classy human being. Seriously, we have recounted numerous times how he took Bill and Ted's advice, treating others in a most excellent manner. 

    This week, he decided to prove that he was friends with a Houston Texans fan. As the Instagram caption states, "The kids at Trey's school didn't believe that we were friends..."

    We imagine Trey is quite popular now. 

Boston Beauty

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    On Monday, marathoners from around the world will again descend upon Boston for the annual event. Of course, this particular marathon is special, as it marks a year after those terrifying events of the Boston Marathon bombings. 

    Boston remains strong, and it has gone above and beyond to show just that, including this truly beautiful cover of Sports Illustrated. 

    The Boston Celtics also did their part, honoring marathon bombing survivors ahead of their final game. The city is turning into quite the beacon of goodwill, and it's breathtaking.