Alabama's Landon Collins Trash Talking Oklahoma Is Not a Good Look

Barrett SalleeSEC Football Lead WriterApril 18, 2014

Alabama S Landon Collins
Alabama S Landon CollinsKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Twitter is a wonderful tool that allows all of us to communicate, share news and information and interact with people who we normally wouldn't interact with instantaneously in 140 characters or less.

Alabama safety Landon Collins didn't use it wisely Thursday night.

The rising junior safety for the Crimson Tide went on a Twitter rant against Oklahoma fans who haven't let him forget about the Sooners' 45-31 victory over Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl in January.

What were some of Collins' posts?

I guess OU fans fill some way lol 😂😂😂y'all feel some type of way...but y'all coming at me like I care about y' our successe


He wasn't done.

Plus OU when the last time y'all played for a BCS or was in the running smh lol respect the SEC


What does the SEC have to do with it? Oklahoma beat Alabama straight up in a BCS game just three-and-a-half months ago.

Much love to y'all bruh...but all in all son y'all riding off one game...smh play for the BCS then talk noise..something that we always do


Again, is talking smack to the fanbase of a team that lit up the SEC's second-best defense to the tune of 348 passing yards really the best thing to do?

Yes, those Oklahoma fans that have Collins all riled up are riding on one game. The last game. One in which a quarterback, Trevor Knight, passed for 42.5 percent (348 yards) of his yardage total for the entire season (819 yards) against what's supposed to be a stingy and consistent pass defense.

Not to be big head but I don't respond because I'm watch by the nation..y'all are apart of the nation that just hates #bama #RTR


Is talking trash to Oklahoma fans really a smart move?

This speaks to the complacency that set in towards the end of last season. You know, the complacency that, according to's Stewart Mandel, Saban and linebacker Trey DePriest said has been disappearing since the Sugar Bowl.

Apparently it's not completely gone yet.

Alabama isn't going to beat teams simply because it's wearing crimson and white. It's going to beat teams because it respects the opponent and executes the game plan that the coaches come up with. Simply "being Alabama" shouldn't be anywhere in the minds of its players, especially after back-to-back losses to Auburn and Oklahoma to end last season.

It's a bad look for Collins.

Twitter is great way to connect with people, but using it to talk trash to Oklahoma fans after what happened in New Orleans is not responsible Twitter usage.


* Barrett Sallee is the lead SEC college football writer for Bleacher Report.