Report: Batista to Take Time Off Following Extreme Rules

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IIApril 21, 2014


After a little over three months of a full WWE schedule, Batista is set to take some time off.

According to PWInsider (via, The Animal won’t be appearing at WWE house shows for an undisclosed period of time, though he’ll largely still be active on Raw:

Batista is apparently taking some time off after WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view as he is not currently being advertised for any WWE events after that show, including Raw the next night from Albany, NY. He is also not advertised for the big European tour that kicks off in May.

With part-time megastars like Brock Lesnar and Triple H returning to the ring a few times a year to occupy coveted top spots, it’s likely that this will incite the ire of many hardcore fans.

It’s not all that surprising, though, as the 45-year-old star has a major Marvel film to promote.

"It was reported back when Batista signed with WWE that he was expected to take some time off to do promotional work for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but that movie doesn’t open until August 1," the report indicated.

Whatever the case, he won’t be missing many Raw tapings, so the damage isn’t as bad as it could be.

Batista made his in-ring return to the company at the Royal Rumble and immediately found himself intensely booed by crowds around the country.

But while his first few matches with Alberto Del Rio were a little sketchy thanks to The Animal’s ring shape, things have since turned around considerably for the veteran.

He’s wrestled in some solid matches, including his recent SmackDown brawl with Sheamus and the fantastic WrestleMania XXX main event, where he played his part perfectly.

Though he caught flak upon his arrival, Batista was terrific in the WrestleMania XXX main event
Though he caught flak upon his arrival, Batista was terrific in the WrestleMania XXX main eventCredit:

But perhaps most importantly, WWE cleverly gave up on his ill-thought-out babyface run and instead has given him a much more suitable role as a heel.

Expect another terrific match out of Batista at Extreme Rules with Evolution against The Shield, even if it’s his last for a while.

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