Clay Guida: Can Not Be Stopped.

Kieran Byrne Correspondent IJune 21, 2009

After 10 seconds of the fight I'm on the edge of my seat, my heart racing, screaming at the TV. "Come on Clay! Move! Move!"

I couldn't believe Diego Sanchez was making my hero, Clay Guida, look like a rookie!

His nose was broken and bloody; his face beaten and bruised; and he looked unsure on his feet, like he didn't know what else to try. Every effort was rewarded with another flurry of punches to the head and a series of flying knee's to the face.

How is this man still fighting!?

Then the left foot of Sanchez flew up at lighting speed and connected across the face of Guida. My heart sank once again. Surely, this had to be over. I can't even remember a fighter being able to take that much damage at the start of a fight and not be finished. Not only that, but then to actually get up at the end of the round jumping and clapping his hands. This was insanity!

They wiped away the blood from Clay's beaten face, and he came out ready to rock. He gets the take-down and lays some good ground and pound on Sanchez, who, in return, was using vicious elbows from the guard. He splits Clay's head wide open, absolutely washing them both in a river of blood. The battle goes on.

At the end of round two I look at my friend in shock and awe. We knock our whiskey glasses together. This is what MMA is all about!

By the third round, Clay had found his feet. He was trading with Sanchez and coming out on top in the ground game. They battled like two ancient warriors, putting everything on the line, and they leave the audience wanting nothing.

WHAT A FIGHT! While Sanchez did seem more dangerous throughout the three rounds, one could argue that Clay won the last two, even starting to better Sanchez in the stand up for the third and final round.

Everytime I see Clay fight, I expect something a little bit special, but this time I just couldn't believe it. To say that Clay Guida is all heart just doesn't do him justice. It's obvious Clay Guida is just as much grit, dirt, determination, talent, and training on a daily basis like his life depends on it.

Reviewing the match, I can see why Sanchez won the fight, but it could have gone either way. Diego Sanchez, right now, is like a bat out of Hell, a born again Christian that God has fine-tuned into a deadly weapon and put here on earth just in case anybody decides to F with him.

Simply put, Sanchez is on another level, and based upon his last few performances, I would probably rate him higher than both Penn and Florian.

Honestly, I think Penn will beat Florian and Sanchez will beat Penn. However it goes, it would be great to see Guida coming in and fighting the loser of Penn vs Florian and potentially getting a rematch with Sanchez. That would be an insane five rounds. Guida vs Sanchez for the title. Don't you dare blink.

As a final note, obviously, this writer comes from something of a bias stand point. Clay Guida has been my favorite fighter for a while now, and I just can't see him finishing his  career without having that UFC gold wrapped around him.

It's destined to happen for three main reasons..

  1. Clay Guida does not know how to give up.
  2. Clay Guida does not know how to stay down. 
  3. Clay Guida does not know how to be stopped.

I think he proved that once again in this epic battle.

When Clay does, finally, get the title and that belt is wrapped around his waist for the first time, however far down the road that may be, it's fair to say that there may never have been a more deserving fighter.