Sheamus Desperately Needs Heel Turn to Save His WWE Career

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2014


Back in 2009, a rogue Irishman by the name of Sheamus appeared on Raw for the very first time. His impact on the company was immediately huge, as he dismantled Jamie Noble in ruthless fashion.

He forced Noble into retirement and continued mercilessly assaulting timekeepers and commentators in an attempt to make his mark on the WWE. Just a few weeks later at, he scored the winning pinfall in a traditional Survivor Series match. He would go on to become WWE Champion by the end of that year, before tussling with Triple H at WrestleMania in 2010.

It is rare a newcomer makes such an impact on the main roster in the WWE so quicklybut it was evident a star was born. Sheamus' brutal aggressionamongst other thingsgot him noticed, and it made him a real prominent figure so quickly. Looking back, it is hard to see how Sheamus ever went away from being a heel.

Fast forward to 2014, though, and the Irishman is in desperate need of a character change. The amazing thing is, there doesn't need to be a huge alteration to give his WWE career the shot in the arm. Whereas Husky Harris went away and came back as Bray Wyatt, Sheamus only needs one subtle changea heel turn.

It is fairly obvious that Sheamus' best work came as a monster heel and he played the role in almost perfect fashion. Those early days with the WWE were backed up by some dominant performances as champion, after all.

Go back to his second WWE Championship reign, where he capitalized on interference from The Nexus to pin John Cena in a win that was far from clean. That is classic heel stuff, and his style inside the ring also lends itself toward heel, too.

Those wicked kicks and that brutal, unchained, European style of wrestling is only really suited to guys we are supposed to hate. It seems a bit stale having a babyface tear people apart limb from limb.

With Randy Orton tied up in matters concerning The Shield heading into Extreme Rules, Sheamus would have been the perfect guy to work a program with Daniel Bryan. The lack of top heels who are available to work with the champion are so few and far between that the company has been forced to book Kane in a title match.

After all, Sheamus and Bryan have plenty of history, as the Irishman was heavily involved in the early days of Daniel Bryan's surge to the top. The Sheamus of 2014 is a guy who is going nowhere fast. He was in the Intercontinental Championship picture until he was beaten by Bad News Barrett, which perfectly indicates just where Sheamus is.

These timid storylines and lack of progress would all be forgotten if the WWE turned Sheamus. Imagine the push Sheamus would receive if he did something like cost Daniel Bryan the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The response would be huge.

Some decisions concerning professional wrestlers have to be made with extreme caution. However, when it comes to the future of Sheamus, the choice is abundantly clear. A heel turn is the only thing that will save his rapidly declining career with the WWE.