Andre 'Touchy' Fili and the Best Nicknames in the UFC Right Now

Dan Hiergesell@DHiergesellFeatured ColumnistApril 23, 2014

Andre 'Touchy' Fili and the Best Nicknames in the UFC Right Now

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    Being clever in today's mixed martial arts world is often detrimental in successfully promoting one's career.

    Whether it's hitting the social media boards or verbally assassinating an opponent in front of millions of fans, fighters have multiple avenues to build their brand.

    However, as hip and ultra-controversial as those outlets are, creating a fantastic nickname remains one of the best ways to get remembered. Always has been, always will be.

    Without further ado, based on originality and overall effectiveness, here are the 10 best nicknames in the UFC today. 

10. The Tazmexican Devil

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    Ray Borg may not have been a furious funnel of aggression and destruction this past Saturday at UFC on Fox 11, but his nickname still remains fierce.

    "The Tazmexican Devil" hits ever-lasting awesomeness on multiple levels.

    Borg just has to start delivering memorable flash finishes to live up to his billing.

    At 20 years of age, the Mexican-born flyweight has plenty of time.

9. Bruce Leeroy

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    Alex Caceres may not resemble Bruce Lee inside of the Octagon, but his nickname "Bruce Leeroy" certainly leaves fans hoping he eventually does.

    It may be one of the more cocky nicknames out there, considering Lee is arguably the greatest mixed martial artist to ever live, but it's still clever.

    Add in the fact that Caceres possesses the confidence and rising talent to one day reach ultimate stardom, and you have one of the more recognizable nicknames in the UFC today. 

8. Uncle Creepy

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    I'm sure many people wouldn't consider this a top nickname in the UFC right now, but you have to be honest with yourself, does this fit Ian McCall's persona?


    For as strange and sinister as "Uncle Creepy" is, it's just as cool. No other nickname in the sport encompasses the awkwardness and overall mystery of its owner. 

7. Darth

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    Ryan Bader may not be a malevolent futuristic bad guy hellbent on world domination, but he's the closest thing to Darth Vader that we have in the sport today.

    The light heavyweight contender has had this nickname for quite some time now and often backs it up with overpowering knockouts and relentless pressure.

    Anakin Skywalker would be proud. 

6. Girlrilla

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    "Girlrilla" not only pays tribute to the massive evolution and popularity of women's MMA, but it lends a hand in describing Liz Carmouche to a tee.

    Blessed with superior athleticism and raw strength, Carmouche does most of her damage up close, just like an angered gorilla. She has used those skills in the past to disrupt and test some of the best fighters in the world.

    Her nickname is quickly becoming one of the coolest in the UFC today. 

5. Big Country

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    Roy Nelson is sort of an Octagon oxymoron.

    He looks like an out-of-shape uncle, two 12-packs deep, fishing an empty KFC bucket for more greasy wings, but somehow he fights like one of the best heavyweights in the game today.

    For "Big Country," which is a perfect nickname for a guy who prides himself in his jiggly belly, turning fat into one-punch knockout power is as easy as pie (mmmmmm, pie).

4. The Cheesecake Assassin

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    Yup, you read it right.

    There is actually a fighter in the UFC nicknamed "The Cheesecake Assassin."

    His name is Danny Mitchell and his hilarious self-proclaimed cognomen originated when he ate a piece of cheesecake in front of an opponent struggling to make weight.

    That's either downright genius or egregiously diabolical. Either way, his nickname remains classic to the core. 

3. Touchy

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    Team Alpha Male standout Andre "Touchy" Fili has made a remarkable arrival to the UFC's featherweight division.

    Taking his debut fight on just two weeks' notice, the 23-year-old made everyone look silly when he nearly decapitated Jeremy Larsen at UFC 166 with furious fists and elbows.

    However, it is his nickname that remains more interesting and memorable than Fili's lone Octagon performance thus far. 

2. The Natural Born Killer

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    Carlos Condit is in every sense of the word a natural born killer.

    His ability to finish opponents at the first sight of blood or distress often separates the welterweight phenom from almost every other fighter on the UFC roster.

    His nickname may not be as clever or funny as some other ones on this list, but it's too potent and fitting to ignore.

    A true throwback, if you will. 

1. The Korean Zombie

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    "The Korean Zombie" isn't just a nickname, it's a movement.

    Fans buy the shirts, wave the flags and chant the name like they're part of some weird undead cult.

    What makes TKZ even more relevant in MMA today is the fact that its owner, featherweight contender Chan Sung Jung, actually resembles a zombie when he fights.

    Not all the time, because he's pretty darn good, but Jung often plods along like a ravenous chicken without its head. His appetite for danger, damage and delectable brains (just kidding) is second to none.

    However, considering zombies are immune to injury, the Korean needs to get healthy and back into the cage before his marvelous sobriquet loses its pizzazz.


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