The FED FAITHFUL FAN CLUB 14 going on 15Contributor IJune 21, 2009

LONDON - JULY 8:  Roger Federer of Switzerland, men's singles Wimbledon champion, poses with the trophy at the Champions' Dinner on July 8, 2007 at The Savoy, London, England. (Photo by Bob Martin-Pool/Getty Images)

My name is Conor McMullin. I am the founder of this Roger Federer fan club. I firmly believe that he is or certainly is becoming the Greatest player of all time. I've watched his performances since I was young and have always been a massive fan of his. I admire his attitude on and off the court. I am astonished in the way he dealt with the media during his so called ''terrible'' year in which he ''only'' won one grand slam, something that the likes of Murray would dream about.

However, this is due to the amazingly high standards he sets for himself. He has won the Laurleus sports four times in a row. It is known as the ''oscars'' of the sporting world. They are sometimes criticized for having too strong a tennis bias. However, it is clear that tennis is one of, if not the most demanding sports both physically and mentally, where you are battling not only with your opponent but also with your own emotions. It is for that reason that I believe the award is simply recognizing his sheer dominance in a sport that is so hard to dominate.

Federer of course has many wonderful achievements throughout his career: 5 times Wimbledon champion(consecutive) and (believe me) counting (will win Wimby 2009! ok ''should''), he has won the Australian Open in 2004, '06, '07 and has won 5 consecutive U.S. Opens from '04 to '08.
He furthermore has reached four consecutive French Opens in which he finally won in May 2009, in a glorious day, completing his career grand slam, after being defeated by arch rival Rafael Nadal, one of the greatest clay courters of all time, in the three previous finals.   This (along with the Australian Open in 2009), makes him the only man in the open era to have reached four finals of each of the four grand slams in the calendar year, also makes him the only man to have won at least three slams on three different surfaces.
Moreover, he has won 4 Tennis Masters Cups, the highly prestigious year ending tournament in which only the top 8 players in the world may compete. It is often known as the ''fifth'' slam. He was number one in the world for a record 237 consecutive weeks, and it took the young Spaniard Rafael Nadal one of the most magnificent seasons for him to knock Federer off the spot, in which he won the Roland Garros-Wimbledon double(a feat Federer looks set to do this year). If Federer does win Wimbledon 2009, he will once again become number one in the world. He also played in the Wimbledon final last year, a very painful moment for him, where, against Nadal, five years his junior, he battled back from two sets down and ended up losing the fifth set 9-7 (6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7 overall!). This match is regarded by most as the greatest match in the history of the sport, where he fought of two championship points in the fourth set tie break! In time to come, it will be somthing for him and us to appreciate, however right now, its a painful subject!
 I would like to mention about last year that Federer was diagnosed with Mono at the start of last season, a sickness to make you feel tired and hugely lacking in energy. It made competing and challenging for the best tournaments very hard for Federer. He soon lost his rhythm and with the fickle media jumping on him when he was down (the majority), he still managed to keep one of the most stunning and, in my opinion, unbreakable records going, which is still going: 20 consecutive grand slam semi-finals. This is credit to his magnificent consistency where he also keeps himself very, very fit. In this year he still managed to win a slam (u.s. open), which, by anyone's standards is magnificent.
For some strange reason that I cannot explain, I so badly want him to win in grand slams and other tournaments, I want him to truly be recognized as the greatest player of all time as I feel his beautiful, elegant style of play is un-matchable, and the records of what he has done.
For this year, he now has great momentum behind him and I feel we are going to see a free-flowing content Federer that, I feel will dominate the rest of the year in winning the rest of the grand slams this year.

Federer also has one of the best characters off-court. He has won the L'equipe de Orage five years in a row in the French Open as being the most friendly and approachable player. The majority of the media recognize him as a true gentleman, generous with his time. He has many brilliant things said about him and his magnificent character about  how he is not only a true gentleman but is a real ambassador for the sport.
        Overall Federer has single handedly, for the first part, then with Nadal, raised the bar of Tennis and alleviated it to a standard to be greatly admired.

I would lastly like to make a short note about Rafael Nadal. Although he is a player that encourages disliking from us passionate Federer fans, it cannot be denied that he too is a magnificent champion.  Every champion needs a rival, every sport needs a rivalry, and in Nadal he brings one of the greatest rivalries with Federer that sport has ever seen. They have played against each other in a record 7 grand slam finals together and when they play tennis on the highest stage, the whole world is watching. Nadal himself has already won 6 grand slams at the age of just 23. However, I don't feel he will challenge for grand slams in three or four years; he will not get the longetivity that Federer gets due to the contrasting styles of play. I feel that he puts massive strains on his body, in particular his knees, and he will unfortunately burn out quite soon, something that I, despite being heartbroken by his defeats of Federer many times, would never celebrate to see. The point is anyway that I have rarely ever seen such sheer will, guts, determination and never-say-die attitude from a player and for that I greatly admire him. He is also very graceful in defeat, despite his warrior-like appearance on court. I have never heard one word of controversy between Federer and Nadal, in spite of their vicious  rivalry . Between the two of them, tennis is blessed.

Thats all I'll say for now, I suppose, I'm not going to change anyone's mind, you either are a true fan of Federer or not, and I accept the argument that there is a difference between Federer fans and Tennis fans.

However if you are a passionate fan of Federer, if you hang on to that every point, if you dream of that moment of him kissing the trophy, if you cherish his every shot, analyse his every move, feel your heartbeat in your chest on the important points, feel like you've won the trophy yourself when he wins, die with him when he loses, then please please join this club (become a fan), and we will become yours.
Thanks a lot,
and coommmmonn the FED EXPRESS!!!!