The First Time I Went Fishing

Gus The Guppy WallaceContributor IJune 22, 2009

LIMERICK, IRELAND - MAY 16:  Jamie Donaldson of Wales trys his hand at fishing after the second round of the Irish Open on May 16, 2008 at the Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort in Limerick, Ireland.  (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

I remember the first time i went fishing, i'm going to reminisce for you all

It was back in 92, a sunny afternoon mind you. And i had just been talking to one of my elders, Llama Norbu, and he had advised me that we must find the other Candidates. But before we must find the other candidates, we must voyage to a fish market. But first we must find fish. So me, Llama Norbu, and Llama Dorji went out on a fishing expedition, it was marvelous, we caught rainbow fish, and purple mouthed sea trout. These Sea trout had tentacles, and i'll always remember, Llama Norbu told me, Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, Teach a man to Fish, He'll eat for a lifetime.