What's It Going to Be Omar Minaya?

danny perezContributor IJune 22, 2009

With the wrath of crap this team has been laying on the field, it's no question the Mets need help with both pitching and hitting. What we are seeing is disastrous, and now Beltran may be added to the 'ER' to add more injury to insult. We know God is a Yankee fan, but enough is enough.

What should the Mets do here? It's not like there is a clear path to what this team needs. We need it all. Question is, which is more of a priority? What's Omar have on the front burner? Best case scenario we get one of each, though highly unlikely.

One day, the team can't hit a watermelon for the life of them, can't drive in runs, can't piece together timely hits, the word clutch is non-existent, and if Wright, Beltran, Church, or Sheffield don't produce, it's over, which is why most rumblings are calling for the Mets to pick up a bat.

The next day, pitching can't hold a lead. Mets score runs early, give them right back, score more runs, and give them right back to the point where nothing the offense can do will help win the game.

Then, on the rare days that the pitching holds its own, and the offense scores more runs than the other team, the bullpen, except for K-Rod, cannot hold a lead. The walk merry-go-round-itis comes full circle, and there goes the game.

The difficulty in identifying the most important need comes from the fact that there's no pattern to this madness. Given this multitude of issues, there's no clear cut need besides needing everything.

Contrary to the popular belief the Mets should get a huge bat, the smarter move may be for a big arm starting pitcher.

Not knowing if we'll ever see anything good again from Perez, the questions surrounding John Maine, and the Tim Redding inconsistencies are just the tip of the iceberg. Livan Hernandez is a great fifth starter on any team and so far has pitched better than expected.

But right now, Mets Livan is like our No. 2 pitcher behind Santana. The Mets need another top of the rotation starter to provide more of a one-two punch. Pitching is what keeps teams in races and neutralizes great hitting.

Problem is the market for pitching has instantly deteriorated with the current flurry of injuries of potential candidates. It's possible Jake Peavy might be done for the year, and Erik Bedard's shoulder has been flaring up, not good for someone coming off surgery. Either would slide nicely into the Mets rotation behind Santana, but they doesn't seem like an option now. That leaves a group of not-so-interesting pitchers that may be available.

Brad Penny
With John Smoltz returning and Clay Buchholz peeking, the Red Rox need to make a move, and Brad Penny seems as the odd man out here. He'll probably be expensive given one of his best years was as recent as 2007 going 16-4 with a 3.03 ERA.

Jason Marquis and Jarrod Washburn
The Mets need to stay away from these two. Neither are much of an upgrade from what the Mets currently have if you can even call them an upgrade.

Offensively, Matt Holliday will probably be the most coveted, big fish out there. Here's a round up of potential hitters that may be available.

Matt Holliday
Given the A’s playoff chances being slim-to-none, Holliday most likely will be finishing the season elsewhere. It doesn’t seem like Billy Beane is going to re-sign him.

Buyer beware, this is Holliday’s first season away from Colorado, with the A’s, and should be no surprise to anyone why his numbers are down. Everyone is saying that the Mets need to sign Holliday, but should they really?

We know he killed it in Colorado. But who doesn’t kill it in Colorado? His numbers this year away from Colorado as well as his home/ away splits in Colorado raise a red flag and tell an interesting story.

2004 COL- .290 AVG, HR 14 (Home: AVG .388 HR 10/ Away: AVG .240 HR 4)
2005 COL- .307 AVG, HR 19 (Home: AVG .357 HR 12/ Away: AVG .256 HR 7)
2006 COL- .326 AVG, HR 34 (Home: AVG .373 HR 22/ Away: AVG .280 HR 12)
2007 COL- .340 AVG, HR 36 (Home: AVG .376 HR 25/ Away: AVG .301 HR 11)
2008 COL- .321 AVG, HR 25 (Home: AVG .332 HR 15/ Away: AVG .308 HR 10)
2009 OAK- .275 AVG, HR 8 (Home: AVG .245 HR 4/ Away: AVG .301 HR 4)

His average and home runs away from Colorado are significantly lower. Granted, he still hit over .300 on the road in 2007 and 2008, but the disparity in home and away numbers should be an alarm to any team trying to sign him, especially the Mets who play in a huge pitchers park and in big market NYC.

He hasn’t done great in Oakland, which is a bigger market than Colorado. It raises the question of 'is he capable of handling the biggest market, NYC?' I’m not so sure. A Stillwater, Oklahoma, small-town boy who has proven he can hit in Colorado doesn’t mean anything when we’re talking big-town NYC.

Should the Mets get him? Depends on what we’re giving up. What we give up should be relevant to his production outside of Colorado not his career sum because we know he is not going to repeat those numbers at Citi Field, not a chance in hell. Would the lineup be better with him providing support to Beltran and Wright? Hell yeah.

At the end of the day, the Mets should not give up the farm on this one. He’s great, but not give-up-the-farm great.

Mark DeRosa
DeRosa's ability to play everywhere on the field makes him a valuable option. He won't bring big pop, but gets on a ton and scores runs. Thing is, Cleveland will probably not be too eager to move him. Even though they're last in their division, they're not that many games behind the leader, and DeRosa is a big reason why.

Nick Johnson
This one's interesting. Due to Nick Johnson's injury rap sheet, the Mets may be able to get him cheap. Only once has he had over 500 at-bats and twice over 400 at-bats in nine years in the majors. He had no at-bats in 2007 and only 109 last season.

Granted, if he's healthy enough to stay on the field, he would present a slight upgrade to the current lineup. Great on-base guy, though the Mets would be better suited with someone with more pop.

He's not the player to make the impact the Mets really need. Guess if the price is right, it would make sense for immediate help. Plus, he's familiar with the Mets divisional foes, and Minaya has traded for him in the past with Montreal.

Jorge Cantu
This rumor won't even be a rumor until the Marlins officially throw in the towel. Still within striking distance, this one is wishful thinking. It doesn't seem like the Marlins are calling it quits just yet, and the Mets need instant offense. Regardless, Cantu can hit for power and drive in runs at a nice clip if he does become an option for offense.

Aubrey Huff
Huff would bring more power and run production than a Nick Johnson. He has the ability to make more of a difference in offense with his ability to drive in runs. This one makes much more sense for the Mets.

Considering his age and fact that he's not someone that would be part of this team's future, the Mets can not afford to overpay for him.

Will Omar make a huge splash or pick up a little giggler? Omar! Omar!

Holliday shopping: Why the Mets must add the outfielder [Sporting News]
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