IPL: 20 Great Catches in the Tournament's History

Alex Telfer@@troyspeerFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2014

IPL: 20 Great Catches in the Tournament's History

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    "Catches win matches" is a common cricket cliche, but it is truer than ever in Twenty20 cricket where fielding can often be the difference between the teams.

    Over the tournament's six years and counting history, the IPL has produced some stunning pieces of athleticism to send disbelieving batsmen back to the dugout.

    So, hold on to your hats; here are twenty of the very best catches, ranked in ascending order (although this was very hard to do), that the world's premium T20 tournament has produced. Enjoy.

20. Ajinkya Rahane

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    As the commentator says, this wicket really should go down to the fielder Ajinkya Rahane.

    Diving at full stretch to his right, like a football goalkeeper, he manages to grasp hold of the ball.

19. Suresh Raina

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    If this "chance" occurred in a more social game of cricket, a fielder would have been forgiven for making a half-hearted effort to get near the ball, before giving up and watching it thump into the turf, ten metres away.

    But, Indian batsman Suresh Raina somehow manages to get underneath the ball and catch it as it's falling over his shoulder, while running at full speed.

18. Virender Sehwag

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    More known for his brutal batting than his athleticism in the field, Virender Sehwag's eyes lit up when this one was lofted into the air.

    Delhi's gifted opener sprints and somehow manages to get his fingers under the ball to dismiss Pune's dangerous Aaron Finch.

17. Faf Du Plessis Double

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    Just four balls separate this stunning pair of catches from Chennai's Faf du Plessis.

    In fact, it's amazing how the South African ace didn't knock himself out in the first acrobatic leap, but it didn't stop him taking another belter seconds later.

16. Ambati Rayudu

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    Chris Gayle must have thought another "Yes Bank Maximum" was shortly going to be added next to his name on the scorecard when he launched this one into the stratosphere.

    Until Ambati Rayudu swooped along the boundary edge, got underneath the ball and managed to catch it without stepping over the rope.

15. Rohit Sharma

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    Rahul Dravid was nicely set in the Qualifier 2 game between Mumbai and Rajasthan...until he tried to work one into the onside where Rohit Sharma was waiting.

    The Indians' skipper leapt like a salmon to take one out of the area and perhaps change the course of this clash.

14. David Warner

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    He might not be the most popular cricketer in the world, but David Warner is undoubtedly one of the best in the sport's shortest format.

    The left-handed opener is primarily known for his brutal innings at the top of the order but as this catch to remove Suresh Raina shows, he's no slouch in the field either.

13. Unmukt Chand

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    Considering the amount of ground he has to make up and the speed the ball is travelling, it's a minor miracle that Unmukt Chand gets anywhere near this ball.

    But the Delhi Daredevils man manages to do just that and removes Robin Uthappa to help his side pick up a significant victory.

12. Kieron Pollard

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    He may be 6'5" but even Kieron Pollard had to leap to pluck this MS Dhoni missile from ending in the stands as usual.

    The West Indian has taken a number of great catches during his time in the IPL but once dropped three opportunities in three consecutive balls.

11. Darren Sammy

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    Although he doesn't have to move either right or left, Darren Sammy still has to leap like Inspector Gadget to take this one.

    The current West Indian Test captain is a strange cricketer in some ways, as, despite building a career as a bowling all-rounder, these days, the St Lucian is almost a specialist T20 slogger.

10. Shane Warne

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    Difficult to say if Shane Warne is embellishing the first catch on this video, but he probably left a huge crater in the turf afterwards.

    But seriously, the Australian leg-spinner had a decent pair of hands and took over 400 catches throughout his career.

9. AB de Villiers

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    This catch is a one-handed cracker from AB de Villiers to send Praveen Kumar on his way, but it looks for all the world that the ball is going for six.

    Somehow, the South African star manages to get a hand to the ball, and it miraculously sticks to take a crucial wicket.

8. Murali Vijay

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    Quinton de Kock must have felt sick after getting hold of one and slapping it toward the boundary at a rate of knots, only for Murali Vijay to move cat-like to his right and pluck it out of the air.

    A great catch, and the wicket helped CSK keep Hyderabad down to a manageable total.

7. Kieron Pollard

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    Some players just can't keep out of the action, and despite regularly winning games with bat and ball, Kieron Pollard also regularly pops up with stunning catches like this.

    The Trinidadian is often tactically deployed as a boundary fielder toward the end of an innings. One of the reasons he's taken over 120 catches in T20 cricket alone.

6. Chris Lynn

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    When AB de Villiers rocked back and crunched this one to the boundary he was probably already adding the six runs to his score.

    Until somehow, Australian Chris Lynn manages to sort of, snap back, pluck the ball out of the air, and remarkably not drop it upon impacting the ground.

5. Yogesh Nagar

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    To appreciate this catch fully you need to watch it in slow motion as Yogesh Nagar snatches Sanath Jayasuriya's shot out of the air. 

    The fielder was only on the field due to an injury to Gautam Gambhir, but he certainly made his mark with this piece of athleticism.

4. Steven Smith

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    It could have been the Chuckle Brothers "To me, to you." Or maybe even the Keystone Cops. Instead, Rajasthan's Steve Smith burst from the pack to take an almost unbelievable flying catch.

    His heroic effort further increased the Australian's current stock after his successful winter against England, where he scored two centuries.

3. Gurkeerat Singh

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    Gurkeerat Singh has proved to be a useful middle-order player over the years for Kings XI Punjab, but the 23-year-old is most famous for this stunning catch.

    Fielding at fine leg, he somehow hauls in the ball as it's flying past him, while in mid-air and with one hand. Incredible!

2. Ricky Ponting

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    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Ricky Ponting flying through the air, and somehow stretching out a long arm at the end to take the catch.

    The now-retired Australian skipper was renowned throughout his career for his fielding ability, and this is one of the best examples.

1. David Hussey

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    Although similar sort of catches have been pulled off over recent years, the sheer agility shown by David Hussey to reel in this missile is incredible.

    It's a mild shame that the normally, hyper-active, over-the-top commentary as heard every five minutes in the IPL is for once, almost reserved.