BC$: Big Conspiracy System

kelly JewkesContributor ISeptember 12, 2007

Icon"This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the BLUE pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the RED pill—you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes." —Morpheus,The Matrix

Welcome to the rabbit-hole: the ongoing exposure of the BC$.
Are you unplugged? Good. I'll pull the string to unravel the web.

Since it's creation in 1998, the BC$ has had one job: to create a fancy shadow puppet while it chokes the life out of college football.
But "The Matrix" of the BC$ is being exposed. Everybody is beginning to see and feel the choke.

Those who have taken the RED pill...

Kansas State
In '98 K-State was ranked third in the country, but wasn't invited to a BC$ bowl. Instead, Ohio State (4th) and Florida (8th) got the nods.
The reason? Though K-State has an incredible fan base, Florida and Ohio State both drew the sort of national audience that meant big profits for BC$ sponsors.
In '99, K-State (6th) was passed over for Michigan (8th). But come on, the Wolverines almost beat Appalachian State this year.

Undefeated in '99, but stiffed because of their conference. That's it. What a terrible excuse for not inviting a team that did exactly what it was supposed to do...WIN.

Even after Nebraska lost to Colorado in 2001, #2 Oregon was still beaten to the BC$ Championship Game by the #4 Huskers. OUTCOME: Nebraska was routed by Miami(FL) 37-14, and the Ducks slapped Colorado in a non-championship BC$ bowl.
Come on guys—#1 plays #2, and #3 plays #4.

No one went undefeated. One loss apiece for Oklahoma, LSU, USC, Miami(OH), TCU, and Boise State.
First, slap the non-BC$ conferences. No one gets the invite. Two-loss teams from the "Big Money" conferences get the nod instead. Again, because of the conference. Something teams can't control.
Second, the confusion of who's #1, #2, etc. Oklahoma was #1 in one poll and #3 in another. LSU was #2 and beat Oklahoma in the championship game. USC beat Michigan. USC was a #1 in another poll prior to the bowls.
Confused yet?
How 'bout this: #2 LSU beats #1 (in one poll) Oklahoma, while #1 (in another poll) USC beats Michigan in their bowl. Who are the champs? To show disgust for the BC$, three coaches voted USC as #1.
The exposure begins. 

Auburn and Utah—both undefeated. Both won their bowl games soundly. Neither played for the championship. USC beat Oklahoma in the championship. In the end, three undefeated, bowl-winning teams. The system fails.
Boise State upsets Okalahoma—the most exciting game ever, for a lot of reasons. The Broncos' upset will go down as the firecracker that lit the BC$ mountain on fire. It's burning. Soon it will be fully engulfed. It may take a while, but the mountain will consume itself.
All the greed, the false loyalty, the LIES—everything gone!...'til the greatest game in the world is finally free.
Free to find the best. Free to include all the conferences. Free to have a PLAYOFF.

"Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of Irony."


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