Report: Bill Goldberg Interested in Doing a Match at WrestleMania 31

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 30, 2014


Could we see legendary WCW star Bill Goldberg at next year’s WrestleMania pay-per-view? Per a recent report, it is a very real possibility.

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Dave Meltzer writes that the star is open to doing a match. It just depends on whether WWE can make the now-retired wrestler the right financial offer. Per Meltzer: "Bill Goldberg definitely has interest in doing WrestleMania 31 if the right deal can be made. That was also the deal last year and no deal was made, because he's not coming cheap. He's kept himself in shape, training almost daily at his Muay Thai gym, although he'll be 48 by next year's Mania."

Goldberg, of course, had a rather mediocre run with WWE the early 2000s.

It's safe to say that Vince McMahon and his bookers didn't truly grasp the nature and appeal of his super-tough and serious character.


Never was this better illustrated than in the truly horrendous backstage segment in which Goldberg interacted with comedy act Goldust, which culminated in the former WCW champion trying on one of his new friend's wigs.

Yes, you read that correctly. And there's footage, too!

Rather than wisely scrubbing the clip from history and hiding its shame, WWE is so proud of the skit that it has put the skit on its official YouTube channel for the entire world to see.

Honestly, it was a minor miracle the star didn't quit the company on the spot and run all the way to the airport in a frenzied state after he saw that in the script. Who would have blamed him? Even now, I bet if you asked him about the clip, he'd claim it was CGI'd or filmed with a look-alike.

Never mind the sharkthe Goldberg character jumped SeaWorld there.


No wonder he's eager to come back for one more match. He's probably keen to obliterate the memories of that dreadfulness from the minds of fans.

Here's hoping WWE attempts to get the most out of the star's return, assuming he does ink a deal for WrestleMania 31, and doesn't do something stupid like, say, put him in a wig-on-a-pole match with Goldust.

(Wait, I've just given Vince an idea, haven't I?)