Luke Harper and Erick Rowan Are Top Choice for Tag Team Titles

Ricardo Cruz@@rcruz151Contributor IIIMay 3, 2014

Ever since winning the tag team championships back in March against the New Age Outlaws, The Usos have dispatched of every team that has challenged them. The next logical choice to challenge them is Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

After a tag team division that was flourishing a couple of months back, it is now floundering with few teams remaining. With The Real Americans disbanding and the Rhodes Brothers likely to follow, the division has no challengers left for the Usos.

With no real challengers, The Usos' reign has gone stale. They are great in-ring performers and connect well with the audience, but with no one to present a legitimate challenge, the division is once again becoming irrelevant.

Now would be the perfect time to give Harper and Rowan the next shot at the titles.

The popularity of of the Wyatt family is at an all-time high right now, and the WWE can capitalize on that by giving the two giant henchmen tag team gold. 

With all of the championships being currently held by babyfaces, the Wyatts would be the perfect heel team to win the titles.

Not since The Shield won the titles from Team Hell No back at Extreme Rules a year ago have we seen a dominant heel team control the division. The Wyatts could be the next great heel tag team. They have the look and feel of what a great heel team needs.

Harper and Rowan have a brutal style of wrestling and are both surprisingly agile for big men. They use their size and power to their advantage. To see someone as big as Harper do a suicide dive through the ropes is amazing.

The two teams have already met before several times and have put together some great matches. Now, with The Usos holding the titles, a match would have even more on the line.

If the WWE wants to continue to build up the Wyatts, having Harper and Rowan defeat The Usos would be the perfect start.

With Rybaxel potentially breaking up after their incident during the Fatal 4-Way match on SmackDown and 3MB being the other heel tag team, it makes complete sense that the Wyatts should be next in line for a championship match.