Report: Top WWE Star Sheamus Set for Heel Turn Soon

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2014


With Sheamus' career in the WWE going slightly downhill of late—perhaps best surmised by his match against Titus O'Neil on Raw heading up to Extreme Rules—the news he is set for a change may come as no surprise at all.

It seems as if the WWE are finally going to revert Sheamus to his original character type and turn him heel. That is the story anyway, as via reports:

"The big heel turn for Sheamus could end up happening during WWE's upcoming European tour or right after it. Officials didn't want him turning heel right before the tour and then lose momentum by getting cheered so early in his heel run."

Whether it happens during the upcoming European tour or not, this will be music to the ears of people who want to see Sheamus succeed.

In all honesty, some of his best work has come as a heel, and you feel the turn would do wonders for his career. Whilst he hasn't been a terrible babyface, he has been much more impressive as a heel.

You think back to his early days on the main roster in the WWE and how much impact he had on the scene. Those early bouts with Jamie Noble—where he "forced" him into retirement—set the tone for his instant success with the company.

WrestleMania matches against Triple H followed, as did reigns as WWE Champion, too. His brutal dismantling of several classy opponents made him a perfect heel—he was a guy who took no mercy when it came to action in the ring.

He even used his rogue attitude to take his aggression and anger out on other people, such as timekeepers and commentators. He was a superb heel, and rapidly rose to the top of the company on sheer merit.

With him operating as a babyface, you almost get the impression that the company have to restrain that aggressive character at times. His career has rapidly gone downhill, and a lack of direction has hindered him in terms of where the WWE can go next with Sheamus.

In all actuality, the only obvious and plausible option for Sheamus was to go back to type and revert him into the character that made him so successful in the first place.

With Sheamus turning heel once again, we will truly see the best of the Irishman.