WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 4, 2014

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Extreme hostility was upon us as the IZOD Center hosted WWE Extreme Rules 2014.

    The pay-per-view is normally filled with exceptionally violent bouts, from Ladder matches to Street Fights, but there were less of them on tap this year. WWE is relying more on storylines and well-built animosity than "hardcore" elements.

    Recently reformed Evolution went into battle against this generation's dominant trio, The Shield. Daniel Bryan had to fight off a monster to remain WWE champ, and John Cena tangled with a deranged foe of his own in a psychological struggle inside a steel cage.

    Results, grades and reactions for the matches follow.

    Read on to find out how extreme the night got, beginning with a comedic offering. The event's first bout was the rubber match between El Torito and Hornswoggle—the WeeLC match.

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle (WeeLC)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Little-people versions of Michael Cole, John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Jerry Lawler provided additional commentary as El Torito battled Hornswoggle.

    El Torito controlled the action early thanks to his speed and high-flying ability. Hornswoggle soon brought in a stepladder and leaped off it, but his foe rolled out of the way.

    3MB and Los Matadores brawled on the outside, complete with the wannabe rockers smashing the bullfighters on a ladder and a table.

    Hornswoggle delivered a chair-assisted Rolling Thunder onto El Torito before taking the action outside. He punished his opponent and seemed to be in control, thanks to 3MB's assistance.

    The trio wasn't much help, though. An errant chair shot and other blunders had 3MB taking the biggest bumps of the night.

    El Torito dove onto Hornswoggle, breaking a table in the process, for the win.



    El Torito wins by pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    El Torito takes out 3MB with a dive to the outside of the ring.

    Hornswoggle smashes El Torito through a mini-announce table with a diving elbow drop.

    El Torito pushes Jinder Mahal and Los Matadores into a mess of ladders and tables.






    The match was the goofball comedy that it promised to be. 

    The parody announcers were hampered by awkward timing. That took away from the action some, but it was still a fun and silly bout. 

    They could have focused on serious action more but instead played it as straight comedy. El Torito only got to show off a fraction of his skill.

    The WeeLC is an odd tone-setter for an event built on the extreme, but it was entertaining nonetheless. 

Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger (Elimination)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Paul Heyman introduced his client, welcoming him to his "synagogue of hardcore," and not surprisingly mentioned Brock Lesnar breaking Undertaker's WrestleMania streak.

    Once the action began, Jack Swagger, Rob Van Dam and Cesaro all hesitated to jump into the fray. Van Dam fought off both men, monkey flipping Cesaro and evading Swagger.

    Mr. Monday Night later hit a nasty powerbomb on Cesaro on the outside.

    Swagger gained control from him, though, using his power to keep Van Dam on the defensive. That only lasted until Cesaro took him for a swing.

    The Real Americans fought among themselves as Cesaro showed off his own impressive power. Van Dam sneaked in a Five-Star Frog Splash to take Swagger out of the mix.

    Now a one-on-one fight, Cesaro smashed Van Dam to the mat, smashed him into the security barricade and played to the crowd.

    The gutsy Van Dam fended him off. His exciting arsenal earned him two-counts aplenty but wasn't enough to put The King of Swing away. He missed a Five-Star Frog Splash, crashing into a trash can.

    Cesaro ended the bout with The Neutralizer onto that same trash can.



    Cesaro wins by pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "Nobody likes anybody, that's what I like."—Jerry Lawler.

    "The 11th commandment of extreme is thou shall not boo Paul Heyman."—Heyman.

    Cesaro springs off the rope to hit Swagger with a European uppercut.

    Van Dam hits his trademark kick onto an opponent hanging over the barricade.

    Cesaro kicks a trash can into Van Dam's chest.






    A touch of the extreme aided this match. It was well-worked, especially when all three men were involved, but not as electric as each man's best work.

    Cesaro and Van Dam's chemistry together just isn't great. 

    The win continues the Swiss strongman's recent rise. WWE is clearly behind him, pushing him as a top-level competitor. Challenging for a world title will be one of his accomplishments in the near future. 

Alexander Rusev vs. Xavier Woods and R-Truth

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Lana dedicated this match to Vladimir Putin, a man she said she respects more than any other. R-Truth countered by dedicating it to the United States of America.

    Alexander Rusev floored both him and Xavier Woods before the match officially began. He hurled Woods into the side of the ring before smashing R-Truth with forearm shots. 

    R-Truth interrupted Rusev's dominance, using speed and kicks to keep the big man off balance.

    Rusev showed off agility of his own in between showcases of his strength. He locked in The Accolade for the win. The Bulgarian Brute then attacked Woods post-match, leaving him writhing on the floor.



    Rusev wins by submission.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Fans chanting "U-S-A!" to Putin's picture on the big screen.

    R-Truth hits a missile dropkick.

    Rusev flies into the air for a spinning kick.






    For what was essentially a squash match, R-Truth and Rusev managed to make this entertaining. For a few moments, it looked as if R-Truth was going to pull off the upset. 

    The power of future moments like that will only increase as Rusev's win total rises and the quality of his opponents improve.

    Two years ago, Ryback was in this same position, knocking off two foes at once at Extreme Rules. Hopefully, WWE learned from its mistakes and won't hinder Rusev's rise.

Bad News Barrett vs. Big E (Intercontinental Championship)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Bad News Barrett's trademark bad news centered around a virus heading to the U.S. and how badly he was going to beat Big E.

    Their fight quickly traveled to the outside, where Big E rammed Barrett into the ring post. A thrust kick to the champ turned things around soon after.

    He hit Big E with an elbow drop, a DDT and a crossbody. The blows staggered Big E. He struggled to recover or to avoid getting knocked around.

    A pair of suplexes to Barrett soon earned him some momentum, though.

    Barrett countered with Winds of Change and Wasteland, each move only getting him near-falls. He readied his elbow to hit a decisive strike, but Big E slammed him to the mat instead.

    The Englishman's second attempt at the move came with him flying through the air. It earned him his fourth win of the WWE Intercontinental Championship.



    Barrett wins by pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Barrett makes a tribute to Mick Foley by doing his "bang, bang!" taunt.

    "Big E ran into a buzzsaw tonight."—Michael Cole.

    Big E spears Barrett off the apron and to the outside.






    This was Big E's best match during his IC title reign. Unfortunately for him, it also spelled the end of his time as champ.

    Barrett's charging momentum refuses to slow down. His 2014 has been filled with wins and now another shot with the belt. The newer version of his character is certainly paying dividends. 

    Big E impressed here and isn't likely to just fade away. A long feud between these two would be a wise move leading to more hard-hitting bouts.

The Shield vs. Evolution

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The Shield and Evolution stared each other down before charging at each other, fists flying. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose tossed out each of their enemies before the bell rang.

    Rollins and Triple H began the official action.

    Speed had Rollins on top momentarily, but a Triple H clothesline, Batista ramming his shoulder into him and Randy Orton stomping on his chest had the high-flyer dazed. Evolution tagged in and out after quick bursts of offense on Rollins.

    A desperate Rollins finally tagged Ambrose in.

    Ambrose clocked everyone in sight. The wild man slipped on a figure-four before the match briefly unraveled thanks to Reigns going on the attack.

    It was then Ambrose's turn to get pummeled by Evolution.

    Punch drunk, he swung wildly at Triple H. Against Batista, he couldn't stay on his feet, taking a boot to the chin. A DDT allowed him to tag in Reigns, who charged up the crowd with every high-impact move.

    The pace quickened as The Shield pounced on Batista and hit a triple powerbomb. Orton pulled Reigns off The Animal to save the match.

    Orton and Triple H both hit their finishers on Reigns, but Batista couldn't turn those into a win.

    The fight moved into the crowd for everyone but Reigns and Batista. The foes brawled among the fans, Ambrose tumbling down a flight of stairs.

    Back in the ring, a Superman punch and a spear finished off Batista.



    The Shield wins by pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Rollins' suicide dive on Triple H sends both crashing into the barricade.

    "Randy Orton takes pleasure in punishing his opponents."—Michael Cole.

    Rollins lands on his feet and knocks Orton down with an enzuigiri.

    Triple H rams Reigns into the ring steps.

    "Reigns is a one-man wrecking crew."—Michael Cole.

    Ambrose leaps from the announce table to take out Orton and Triple H.

    Rollins dives from the stands onto Evolution.






    The instant classic began with the familiar dynamic of the heels breaking the rules behind the referee's back as the babyfaces endured the majority of the punishment. It later burst into chaos.

    The result is that all three members of The Shield looked mighty impressive, especially Rollins, who created the biggest highlight of the bout with his flight from the stands. 

    A slow-burn pace and rising animosity led to one of 2014's best offerings so far.

    Many fans were expecting some sort of swerve here, but instead, The Shield's ascension continues.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (Steel Cage)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    A cluster of blue lights glowed in the crowd as Bray Wyatt entered. John Cena awaited him in the cage—focused, pacing, concerned.

    Cena tried to begin the action with mat wrestling. Wyatt overruled him, turning the bout into a street fight.

    Early on, Cena looked to climb the cage, but Erick Rowan and Luke Harper waited for him on the ground like two gators.

    Wyatt then dominated, conducting the crowd to sing in between attacks on Cena. The Eater of Worlds held him up against the steel cage and commanded Rowan to crash into him. Cena stopped Wyatt's attempt escape and followed with one of his own.

    The leader of The Wyatt Family controlled the match for the most part.

    He snuffed out several of Cena's rallies with brute force. He grinned as he smashed him with heavy blows. 

    When Cena did manage to knock Wyatt to the mat, Rowan stood at the cage door, holding it closed. Rowan and Harper smashed the door on the former world champ.

    Cena later got over the top of the cage, only to have Rowan push him back over. On another attempted exit, Harper met him, trying to punch him down.

    That fight brought Harper into the cage, allowing him to stop a pin attempt after a top-rope Attitude Adjustment.

    Cena took on the entire clan, knocking them all down. He then looked ready to win the match, only a few steps from escaping the cage. A child appeared and began to sing in a demonic voice, frightening Cena enough for Wyatt to take advantage.



    Wyatt wins via escaping the cage.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "This is what you wanted!"—Wyatt to Cena.

    Fans sing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."

    Wyatt spider walks to the open cage door.

    Cena powerbombs Wyatt from off the cage wall.

    Cena kicks cage door closed to keep Wyatt inside.

    The Wyatt Family exits with the choir boy at its side.






    Expectations were high going into this, as WWE had been telling this story so well. The story in the cage wasn't nearly as effective.

    Too much of the bout departed from the story of Cena's darker side emerging. A lot of escape attempts and a heavy focus on Rowan and Harper led to a match lacking electricity.

    At times, it felt like a mess, the booking getting in the Superstars' way.

    Where was the destroyer we saw against Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble? Wyatt was made to look too weak, looking more like the typical heel rather than the monster WWE had been portraying him as.

    The final moment with the creepy kid saved this from being a flop. It still gets a lower grade for failing to meet expectations and dragging at times.

Tamina Snuka vs. Paige (Divas Championship)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    In Paige's first major test as Divas champion, she looked to outrun and outmove Tamina Snuka early on.

    Tamina caught her when she went to the top rope, though. The challenger rammed her into the ring apron and flung her into the turnbuckles.

    The punishment continued, Tamina roaring before every power move. Paige tried to hit a hurricanrana on the outside, but Tamina instead smashed her into the security barricade.

    The champ managed a brief comeback, but soon found herself taking a flight to the mat courtesy of Tamina.

    Paige caught a superkick attempt and turned it into the modified Scorpion Crosslock for the win.



    Paige wins via submission.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    "Where you at!"—Tamina screaming at the crowd.

    Paige hits a powerbomb on Tamina.






    For a short match designed to be a palate cleanser between John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan vs. Kane, the Divas title bout was impressive. Both Tamina and Paige showed off aggression and risk-taking fans aren't used to seeing from the Divas division.

    Tamina came off as a powerful brute. With her performance, she entices WWE to have her battle Paige several times in the near future.

    With more of a story between them and a longer match, these two women could produce a masterpiece. 

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane (Extreme Rules for WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

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    Daniel Bryan couldn't wait for Kane to enter the ring. He charged at The Devil's Favorite Demon, and the two brawled on the entrance ramp.

    Kane went to the weapons early, striking Bryan's spine with a kendo stick.

    The champ fought back with a running dropkick, but the masked man went back to his destructive ways. He dropped Bryan on the barricade and wedged a steel chair into the corner. Bryan managed to use that weapon himself, tripping Kane right into it.

    Bryan tore apart both announce tables, smacking Kane with pieces of them. The big man then tried to chokeslam him through the table but suffered a tornado DDT instead. 

    The monster kept rising, though.

    The two moved their fight to the backstage area and the parking lot, Kane cracking Bryan's body against everything solid. Bryan fought back with a snow shovel.

    He ran toward Kane, who sent him crashing onto the hood of a car. The Big Red Machine broke car windows as he threw objects and fists Bryan's way.

    Bryan avoided him, striking back with a tire iron.

    The bearded warrior lifted his enemy onto a forklift and drove back toward the ring. He raised it and dropped Kane into the center of the ring. From the top of the forklift, Bryan leaped at Kane with a diving headbutt, but only got a two-count.

    Kane turned a flying knee into a chokeslam, but Bryan kicked out.

    A DDT onto a chair, a barrage of chair shots and the Yes! lock with a kendo stick didn't do Kane in. He had enough strength left to chokeslam Bryan through a table. The monster then set another table on fire.

    He tried to finish Bryan in those flames, but the champ sent Kane through them instead. A flying knee capped it all off.



    Bryan wins via pinfall.


    Memorable Moments and Quotes

    Kane hits a sidewalk slam on Bryan into a chair.

    Bryan hits Kane with a kendo stick as the crowd chants "Yes!"

    Kane sends Bryan into the Extreme Rules set, causing the lights to go out.

    Bryan narrowly dodges a flying piece of metal aimed at his head.

    Bryan flies from the forklift.

    "He's wants to annihilate the movement of the masses."—Michael Cole on Kane.

    Kane's table-breaking chokeslam.


    "The demon's burning in hell."—Michael Cole on Kane.






    WWE saved much of is extremeness for the event's final act. In a throwback to WWE's more violent days, Kane and Bryan used fire, cars and a forklift to emphasis these two men's hatred.

    It was uncomfortable to watch at times.

    The car crash of a match kept pushing the boundaries of acceptable violence, and both opponents' animosity for each other rose throughout the night.

    Despite the loss, this is the most powerful Kane has looked in years. Bryan charges ahead, having made this a memorable challenge and looking a lot like the angry version of himself who was trying to prove he wasn't Team Hell No's weak link last year.

    Bryan can move onto bigger opponents, buoyed by momentum.