WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of May 5

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 9, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

A heartrending tribute to a young fan provides a drastic juxtaposition to the party-like theme of the week's WWE-related social media.

The NXT Divas in bikinis, Paul Heyman's continued celebration of Brock Lesnar defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania and Adam Rose's entry into the WWE world created much of the week's best tweets, viral videos and Instagram photos.

Not surprisingly, the latest social media offerings also touched on Extreme Rules.

Sunday's show was the sixth edition of a pay-pay-view famous for its extreme moments. WWE reflected on some of those, as well other dangerous, jaw-dropping images from wrestling's past.

ECW highlights appear next to flashes of the pay-per-view's most famous spots.

This year's Extreme Rules is sure to add to that collection. Seth Rollins' dive from high in the crowd is just as memorable as many of this moments seen in the video.

Kane and Daniel Bryan did their best to imprint violent sights in our heads as well.

During their Extreme Rules bout, they fought backstage, smashing cars in an attempt to smash each other. WWE posted a great shot of some of the ruin Kane left in his wake:

The scene backstage at Extreme Rules
The scene backstage at Extreme RulesPhoto from Instagram

When the cameras pointed at Heyman that night, he repeated a familiar refrain. He's reminded fans of his client ending Undertaker's streak countless times already, and it's barely been a month removed from it.

The latest WWE Inbox focused on that feat. Dolph Ziggler says what many fans were thinking, while Titus O'Neil was already looking ahead to WrestleMania 31.

Heyman, of course, was right there to remind us that he told us Undertaker was going to lose.

In fact, he claims Lesnar's win was predicted long ago. Doctoring some writing from Nostradamus is one of the funnier ways he's brought up The Undertaker going 21-1:

Heyman's post-WrestleMania party has yet to stop. Raw's latest addition approaches life similarly. Rose believes that it's party time all the time.

Even Instagram photos of him, Ziggler and his entourage backstage seem like a party:

Adam Rose and entourage
Adam Rose and entouragePhoto from Instagram

Dolph Ziggler parties with Adam Rose's bunny
Dolph Ziggler parties with Adam Rose's bunnyPhoto from Instagram

Rose would love the vibe at WWE's recent photo shoot. The company had the NXT Divas in full summer gear at poolside.

The result was an eye-catching way to introduce new Divas like Alexa Bliss:

For Emma, it was a time to show off her photobombing skills:

All of that is overshadowed by a WWE fan passing away, though.

Connor Michalek, a huge Bryan fan, was just eight years old when he died from brain cancer, per Pittsburgh Post-GazetteThanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he got to meet Bryan.

WWE has since compiled clips of Connor (who said his wrestling name would be "Connor the Crusher") interacting with Bryan, Triple H and other Superstars. 

After watching something like that, it's hard to go back to nitpicking WWE's decision-making and storytelling blunders. The company undoubtedly gets tributes right, from the recent one for Ultimate Warrior to the sob-inducing one it put together for Eddie Guerrero years ago.

The quickly spreading tribute for Connor is one of the most touching videos the Internet has to offer.