With Elliot Williams Transfering, Duke Will Be Looking for Solutions

Mykhal GlassCorrespondent IJune 24, 2009

Whose bright idea was it for the Duke Blue Devils to only have three legitimate guards on the roster for this year? Well, now they really between a rock and a hard place.

Their only true scoring wing, Elliot Williams, is transferring to be closer to home for family reasons. I wish good health and blessing to his mother, but I'm also looking at this from the Duke Hoops side of things

We may be screwed!

Duke currently has two guards on scholarship, Johnny Shy and Nolan Smith—neither scream "national championship."

But there is always optimism for the Duke fan; we have Coach K and that almost guarantees 20 to 25 wins.

Ironically, the solution for this problem is right in Duke's face.

Go after the best player available.

Does Coach K even have a choice this time? He just lost his young wing, Seth Curry cant put on a uniform this year, and the consensus No. 1 guard prospect in the country is still available. Yes, I'm talking about Lance Stephenson.

He may carry a lot of baggage, but he will only be at Duke for one year anyway.

I've said it many times before: Duke can be consistent with the players they recruit, but to be a legitimate title contender they need better athletes.

So Elliot Williams' transfer may be some kind of blessing in disguise.

I mean, what else do you have to lose besides 20 games?