Bellator 120: 2 Fights for Rampage Jackson to Take Next

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistMay 18, 2014

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson arrives at PacSun and DC Shoes
John Shearer/Associated Press

Bellator 120 saw the return of Rampage Jackson. In his way was a popular commodity in the form of Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal. The fight represented two of the biggest names in Bellator throwing down in the main event.

The fight was the culmination of a heated rivalry between the two big personalities. Many verbal swipes were taken during the heated buildup and near-physical altercations happened, making this a bitter feud. 

When the fight actually happened, Jackson took a unanimous decision in a closely contested bout. It could have gone either way and could spawn a rematch down the road. 

Who should Rampage Jackson be matched up with in the interim? Let's take a look at the only two options he has at this point.


King Mo Lawal

The fight was close. Many people thought that Jackson won, but it really could have gone to Lawal.

The feud is actually legitimate. Whether we care or not is another question, but you have to think Bellator would jump all over the promotion of a rematch.

This fight had some drama, though it failed to live up to expectations. It was hard with the buildup, though, as there was so much talk, we thought it would be a great fight.

A second bout with King Mo would be big-time. The two fighters failed to finish each other, but if they were to throw down again, I am sure a few fans would tune in for it.


Emanuel Newton

This fight is obvious. That is because the winner of Rampage Jackson-King Mo Lawal was supposed to fight Emaunuel Newton for the Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship.

Newton is an interesting fighter with some dynamic techniques. He has the wrestling and athleticism to make Rampage uncomfortable and make this a fight. That being said, Newton and Jackson have trained in the past, which may make them a little hesitant to fight. However, if it's to hold gold, I don't see why Jackson wouldn't be more than willing to throw down with Newton.

Newton has the chance to be a star. Rampage has the name to make him a star. That's why this fight is interesting.

Rampage can continue his resurgence with a win over Newton. Not only that, but he would also become a champion in both UFC and Bellator, an accomplishment not yet had by any fighter. That in itself draws interest, even though Rampage himself is a draw on his own.

Who would win, the current young champion or the former champion returning to form?

If Newton wins, he is a champion that the UFC needs to pursue in the near future. If Rampage wins, he proves he is not done in this crazy sport.