WWE, Where It All Went Wrong.

brian faganContributor IJune 25, 2009

370782 05: World Wrestling Federation Wrestler Steve Austin Poses June 12, 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)

Apr. 1, 2001. The day it all ended.

That night was Wrestlemania 17—which was, in my opinion, the greatest Wrestlemania of all time—but what would transpire that night would change the face of the WWF forever. Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated the Rock in the greatest WWF title match ever with the help of Vince, which effectively ended the Attitude Era.

Fast forward to May 5, 2002, WWF officially change to WWE, which, in-turn, destroyed the company. The slogan "Get the 'F' out" was used to re-brand. Of course, you all should know this because when the WWE lost that F, it lost more than just a letter. They lost their true spirit and their edge.

Fast forward, once more, a couple of years later. WWE goes PG. This was the final straw. Now, I have just gotten back into watching wrestling a couple of months ago and I was disgraced with what was going on. Instead of people swearing, I see a midget getting shot with a T-shirt cannon. Instead of seeing the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin drinking bears and stunning people left and right, I see John Cena rapping. Instead of seeing wrestlers I want to cheer for, such as the Great One, the Rock, I see John Cena again.

Now, I know that the Attitude Era can't be resurrected, but why not try and do the things they did back then. During the Attitude Era, RAW was all about fast-pace matches with twists and turns, as well as backstage skits that shocked and entertained us. When the WWF lost that F they lost fans and their tradition for busting people open when they get hit with a ladder or a steel chair.

If the WWE is supposed to be PG, then why is it that Triple H got hit in the head with a ladder? You wouldn't see that on Dora the Explorer now would you?

My advice to Vince McMahon is this: Bring back the F and raise the TV rating now, or risk losing it all to TNA, who can actually show blood.