Rampage Jackson vs. 'King Mo' Lawal: Twitter Reacts to Main Event

Steven Rondina@srondinaFeatured ColumnistMay 18, 2014

Strikeforce fighter Muhammed King Mo Lawal arrives at the EA SPORTS Xbox 360 Madden Bowl to take on some of the NFL’s brightest stars for ultimate Madden NFL 10 Xbox 360 bragging rights during Super Bowl week on February 4, 2010 in Miami, FL. (Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Xbox 360)
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Bellator 120 featured a sloppy main event between two former champions in Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and "King" Mo Lawal. The bout was hyped up as the biggest grudge match in MMA, but when the cage door was locked and the two squared off, the fight fell short like so many other similarly billed fights.

Lawal would attack with his wrestling. Jackson did a good enough job defending. In the end, "Rampage" would get a narrow nod from the judges in front of his hometown crowd.

While the main event was something of a dud, it was still a rare time when Bellator got the sole attention of the MMA universe. Naturally, fans, fighters and the media took to Twitter to discuss the bouts.

From the get-go, many aired their dissatisfaction regarding the fight itself:

Lawal is boring

— TJ Grant (@TJ_Grant) May 18, 2014

This fight looks a bit suspect

— ZombieProphet (@ZProphet_MMA) May 18, 2014

Not a very action-packed first round between Rampage and King Mo, these bitterest of blood rivals.

— Scott Harris (@ScottHarrisMMA) May 18, 2014

When the fight was over, the result seemed like a foregone conclusion, with many picking Lawal to have taken the fight:

@KingMoFH king won!

— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) May 18, 2014

I had Mo winning 29-28. Competitive fight for sure but Mo controlled where the fight took place. @mmadecisions

— Adam Martin (@MMAdamMartin) May 18, 2014

I've got Lawal 29-28 for another upset.

— Jeremy Botter (@jeremybotter) May 18, 2014

The scorecards, however, did not agree with that sentiment. Jackson received a unanimous 29-28 nod from the judges, which didn't sit well with many:

Judges: 29-28 3x for Rampage Jackson. Wow.

— Josh Gross (@yay_yee) May 18, 2014


— Steven Marrocco (@MMAjunkieSteven) May 18, 2014

Ridiiculous judging. I'm just blown away.

— Heidi Fang (@HeidiFang) May 18, 2014

@KingMoFH was just robbed in front of my eyes =( @BellatorMMA robbed!!!!!!! Pure ridiculous!

— Tecia Torres (@TeciaTorres) May 18, 2014

After the scorecards were read, Lawal ripped into Bellator president Bjorn Rebney:

Lawal's quote of the night: "I see you smiling & shit, you dick riding ass. Cut me then. You know I won that fight, Bjorn. Bitch ass"

— Heidi Fang (@HeidiFang) May 18, 2014

The insults got mixed reactions, but were generally regarded as silly:

King Mo ending the night by calling Bjorn Rebney a "Rampage dick rider" surely made Vince Russo feel like he had seen his dreams realized.

— Jonathan Snowden (@mmaencyclopedia) May 18, 2014

So, 'dick riding' is officially a thing in MMA now. One positive takeaway from tonight.

— Shaun Al-Shatti (@shaunalshatti) May 18, 2014

While the fight disappointed, Mo might have contributed to MMA folklore with his post-fight eruption. We'll see how things pan out with both fighters, and with Bellator as a whole.