Madden Nation Try Outs Year 2

Gus The Guppy WallaceContributor IJune 25, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 16: Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco attends the EA SPORTS Rookie Madden Bowl at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel as part of the NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere on May 16, 2008 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NFL PLAYERS)

And so Begins it, My second year of prepping for madden nation, last year i barely made the first round in the try outs to be on the show, slipped by with a 'Boys Victory over them damn Steele's, then lost sadly against the Cards when Romo was taken out first quarter and i had to play Brad Johnson. Not again, after a long 10 months of practicing, avoiding injury prone cowboys and prepping for the long haul, i'm ready to take on the challenge of trying out for maddennation 2010. It will be my second year, so the boys can't call me rookie anymore, i'm ready for the best of 'em, and believe me, this year, even if i go down early with Romo, Kitnas there to back up, now mind you, Kitnas no spring chicken, but he's ready for the challenge.

So 2 months until try outs, when the game is released, and i am already ready for competition. So far the best looking teams on ESPN's released rosters are obviously the Cardinals and it looks like the Vikings will be solid again, granted they obtain a decent Quarterback. Madden isn't the NFL though, so you never know. I've heard this year Tarvaris Jackson won't be scrambling all over the field because his blockers won't block anymore, Good fix EA, i'm proud. See but of course, the Patriot loving nation we live in gave Tom Brady unbelievable ratings, unnecessarily. One complaint about EA's ratings i have in madden, is that last year, when Darren McFadden was injured his speed decreased significantly, as do many players, but with Brady out for an entire season, he is still an amazing QB from the start, go figure.

Enough about Brady, in fact i'm hoping, no praying i get the patriots first round of MADDENNATION try outs, because I'd love nothing more than to spank them patriots first round, but i'd like to save the Giants to play on TV, embarrassing the Giants with the 2009-2010 Cowboys is the sweetest victory a Blue and White Star Wearing fan can accomplish. Updates on my Maddennation prepping and eventual results will be posted probably weekly. Thank you, and comments are definitely appreciated.