WWE Payback 2014: Bold Predictions for Bray Wyatt and Other Stars

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMay 26, 2014

WWE Payback 2014: Bold Predictions for Bray Wyatt and Other Stars

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Payback is a show that promises much in the way of excitement, and the onus is on the WWE to deliver a third successful show in a row.

    After the overwhelming success of WrestleMania XXX and the impressive showing at Extreme Rules, Payback could make it a trio of excellent pay-per-view shows, as the card looks to be in decent shape.

    However, a pay-per-view can never be regarded as a success unless there are some bold moves from WWE Creative to keep fans on their toes.

    Whether it is a turn that takes the fans completely by surprise or a match that simply has everything, some decisions must be made to ensure Payback goes off in style.

    Let's take a look at some predictions for what could happen at WWE Payback.

Bray Wyatt Will Win and Win Clean

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The first prediction may not seem particularly bold, but if Bray Wyatt wins clean, it would send shockwaves through the WWE.

    Cena has lost a Last Man Standing match on two occasions. His most recent effort against Ryback ended in a no-contest.

    It seems unlikely the WWE will let this fascinating rivalry end by having Cena put Wyatt over clean. Many expect a Cena victory or perhaps a Wyatt victory along with a bit of controversy.

    However, this time around, there should be no controversy. There should be no interferences. The two men should be allowed to simply have a wrestling match for the ages.

    If Wyatt is allowed to win clean, it would give him an enormous push heading into the summer of 2014. 

Adam Rose Will Flatter to Deceive

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The first few weeks of Adam Rose's career on the main roster in the WWE have been mixed, to say the least.

    His debut failed to capture the imagination, given all the hype we had seen via vignettes, and the fact that he was chosen to feud with Jack Swagger felt a little bit flat.

    However, he turned things around somewhat by winning over the London crowd on Raw last week, and he looks to have a touch of momentum heading into Payback.

    While Rose's gimmick is certainly unique enough to succeed, the booking decisions that have been made regarding the South African have been poor.

    Thus, Rose will come out of Payback with an overall feeling of failure, and the onus will be on him to step it up in subsequent rivalries over the coming months.

    Otherwise, he could end up going the way of Xavier Woods. 

Batista Will Be Written Off TV by Evolution

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    With much conjecture surrounding when Batista is going to head off and start recording a new movie, the following question must be asked: How is the WWE going to write him out of the company?

    A vicious beating at the hands of The Shield would be the most sensible and logical choiceand probably the easiestbut the WWE should look at things differently in this instance.

    If Evolution fails against The Shield at Payback, and if Batista lets the group down with a poor showing, the group should mercilessly turn on him.

    Have Triple H and Randy Orton decide they don't need a part-time guy costing them precious victories, and write him off TV in a brutal manner.

    The move would fit Triple H's and Orton's ruthless personas, and it would allow someone languishing in the middle of the card to come in and take Batista's place in Evolution. 

Dean Ambrose Will Steal the Limelight at Payback

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Whenever individual members of The Shield are discussed in articles such as these, the talk is always about how one man will shine above the rest at an upcoming pay-per-view.

    Too often, the talk is about how Roman Reigns will dominate the proceedingsnot that he isn't impressive, of courseand how the spotlight should now flicker toward the group's unhinged, maniac member.

    Dean Ambrose is a remarkably exciting character inside the ring, and he always seems keen to put his body on the line in order to entertain.

    With The Shield and Evolution's bitter rivalry set to come to a head at Payback, the contest will be the most exciting match the two stables have had so far.

    Fresh off the back of losing his United States Championship, Ambrose will have a point to prove. Expect him to make it and steal the limelight at Payback. 

Sheamus and Cesaro Will Perform a Double Turn

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Perhaps one of the most exciting matches at Payback will be the contest for the United States Championship, in which Sheamus takes on the hugely popular Cesaro with the title on the line.

    Things have been a little bit mixed up for the Swiss star since his split from The Real Americanswith an expected face turn and push going in almost the opposite direction.

    There is still time to turn him face and prove the turn an enormous success, but it really does have to be done soon.

    All the talk of Cesaro potentially turning brings us to an interesting point when we consider his opponent at Payback. Sheamus would seriously benefit from a heel turn to revive his ailing career.

    Could a legendary double turn be in the cards?

    Sheamus would be a perfect fit to join up with Evolution should Batista leave the company in the coming weeks. A double turn is a bold move for the WWE to try to pull off, but you get the feeling that both men are operating under the wrong guise at this moment in time.