Brad Maddox Fired as WWE Raw General Manager

Chris RolingFeatured ColumnistMay 26, 2014

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WWE Raw general manager Brad Maddox is out of a job due to performance issues.

The Authority, otherwise known as Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, announced the move on the opening segment of the May 26 edition of Raw—after Maddox received a beatdown at the hands of Kane.

The Authority cited a decision by Maddox on the previous week's Raw to allow two members of the The Shield to act as ringside commentators during an encounter with Evolution, which of course erupted into a three-on-three brawl between the two stables.

He was sent out of his former place of employment on a stretcher, as captured by the WWE on Instagram:

The (possible) end of Maddox's career with WWE marks the end of a rather illustrious era, as WWE Stats & Info details:

Maddox's claimed on the broadcast The Shield gave him no other option than to allow them to provide commentary. His ineptitude at his only job opens up a realm of new possibilities for who takes over as general manger.

One Noelle Foley, who has a last name many WWE folk will recognize, has a suggestion for the next general manager:

Honestly, as long as WWE does not go with the anonymous general manager again, fans will surely love whatever avenue the company elects to pursue.

The possibilities are rather endless, which means yet another layer of intrigue in the coming weeks as the company rolls out the Payback pay-per-view. It should continue to create other interest while the most over star in the company, Daniel Bryan, remains sidelined with an injury.


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