Floyd Mayweather Jr. Chats Up Ray Allen During Halftime of Game 4

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 27, 2014

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When you’re strong-arming a team like the Miami Heat did the Pacers on Monday night, you can spare a second to talk to a legend.

The Heat rolled to a convincing 102-90 victory Monday night over Indiana, and Ray Allen took a moment during halftime of Game 4 to joke around with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The boxer was sitting courtside with a drink when he managed to get the quiet shooting guard to start talking.

CJZero uploaded video of the little exchange.

Now, for the question you’re all wondering: What were they talking about?

What would the world’s most outspoken boxer discuss with a guy who talks as much as a box turtle?

My list of possibilities:

  1. Being bald.
  2. Spike Lee.
  3. That “trifling mother at the Fatburger.”
  4. Hats for bats
  5. Downton Abbey

Seeing Allen interact with fans—even famous fans—during a playoff game isn’t typical. The stoic guard refused to talk to Spike Lee when the director approached him before the NBA Finals in 2013.

According to an article by Ethan Skolnick of The Palm Beach Post, Allen declined to see his former director when Lee arrived at a Heat shootaround before Game 7 of the Finals. The director wanted to film Allen and the Heat as part of a He Got Game redux, but neither he nor the team was having any of it.

So I guess it takes a guy like Mayweather to get Allen to open up for a moment and relax. 

The entire Miami roster might be prone to relaxing a bit after beating the Pacers. Allen and company now command a 3-1 series lead and will be looking to finish out the series at Indianapolis on Wednesday.

He might be talking, but don’t expect Allen to lose focus as the postseason wears on. The quiet killer doesn’t let anything take his eyes off the basket.


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