Welcome to Upset City: The Fall of the Celtics

Michael FrazierContributor IMay 1, 2008

In a year of upsets, i.e.;Giants win the Superbowl, Memphis Loses in OT, and if the BCS ranked you 2nd you were bound to lose, Sports fans will soon get to yet another upset and it looks like it will be the triple threat of the Boston Celtics. 

Dominating the JV East all year, Boston would seem to be one of the best teams assembled since the Chicago Bulls of the 90's. 

In what would be the fall of Seattle, Ray Allen arrives and automatically gave Paul Perice a right hand man behind the arc.  Then in what might have been the dumbest trade of the year before Pau Gasol to the Lakers (for his little brother and a very weak Kwame Brown) they get the inside treat of Kevin Garnett. 

Add that with a very good ball handler in Rajon Rondo, a big body in Kendrick Perkins, with an underrated Leon Powe, Big Baby (Glenn Davis), and two late season acquisitions in James Posey and Sam "I am" Cassell, and you have a Eastern Conference Monster. 

Never losing more than three games in a row, pounding the West on the road trip, and only losing 5 games at home, Boston would seem bound to be the East representative in the finals. 

And then it hit me. 

In a year in where Tom Brady could do no wrong, Rose(Memphis) was too big and fast to be stopped, and the second spot in the BCS changed more than the QB's for the Falcons, the dream of sitting at a Sports Bar watching a Boston Vs. LA finals is laughable. 

I have come to realize that if it makes since on paper it is not going to happen.  Now I know you think, "Well Mike, who will beat the Celtics?".  To LeBron or Not LeBron that is the question. 

Now, yes, the Cleveland Cavs lost to Deshawn Stevenson and the Washington Wizards last night but the Cavs will oust them in Washington. 

Then my Atlanta Hawks have exposed what I was afraid of for the "Three Amigos".  I'm better than you so you will lay down and take it like a man, NOT.  

Of course your next question might be, "How is LeBron going to beat them?"  Well even with the lackluster trade that brought the Cavs, Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, Ben Wallace and Joe Smith, and Daniel Gibson being lights out at least once every 5 games, LeBron is well equipped to trump the mighty Celtics. (In my best Robin Thicke voice) SHOOTERS, SHOOTERS. 

It is a simple game plan, LeBron will be LeBron and demand at least 20 a night.  And if the Celtics (which claims to be the best defense in the league) is stubbron and does double him, well just ask Tashauyn Prince how it feels. 

But knowing Doc ,he will double and that's when Wally, D. West, and Gibson will prove their worth.  Three, Three, Three, I don't care if Rondo is fast, Cassell is smart, and Ray Allen was named Jesus in a movie, there perimeter D is suspect. 

With LeBron driving and kicking it to the wing to win in seven.  The big three doesn't scare the King and fate will not allow them to win in 2007-2008.  It just won't happen.