Three Stages Of Hell: Orton's Calling To End What Is Triple H?

Daniel DeRoccoContributor IJune 27, 2009

As I return writing this article to Bleacher/Report I would like the president of the Randy Orton fan club Ryan Michael to read this. So any one just let him know.

Orton has been on a roll as of late. Even though he dropped the wwe title to Batista and then the next night on raw he took the animal out by dismantling his arm which was a very good thing. Then the week after that Orton regained the WWE title in a fatal four way making him a five-time world champion.

Now with legacy gaining momentum the question will they prevail at the bash? Meaning that will Dibiase and Rhodes capture the unified tag titles and will Orton retain against Trips? The Bash will have those answers so I am not going to predict anything right now.

On with the Three Stages Of Hell match. First up is a regular wrestling match, both Orton and Trips have traded wins in regular singles matches but this time how will the viper strike down Trips. Here is how I would see it and most of the fans.

Trips will most likely win because his ego will never put Orton over in a regular singles no stipulation match. Orton always has cheat to win the way his character is portrayed. If there is a stipulation maybe Orton would win this but round one goes to Trips of course.

Round two: Falls Count Anywhere match. Orton should win this won easily because there is no count outs and Orton can use anything in his arsenal like weapons and interfercne to his usage. Orton and Trips will fight to the finish having Orton tie things up 1 to 1 a piece. Trips will probably get himself distracted and Orton rko's him putting it to rest.

Final Round:Strechter match this should interesting. I'm pulling for Orton on stretching Trips out of the arena. Orton will wins this because Trips has won the only two three stages of hell matches in the history of the wwe. So the wwe universe will see there beloved hero Trips will be strecthed out on a stretcher and Orton stands victorious.

Briefly real quick Priceless should win the tag titles easily. The Colons have had them long enough and have not been doing anything. Thus making Legacy hold all the titles on raw except the united states title. Most likely Ted Dibiase or Cody Rhodes could go the US title.

This article I wanted for Ryan Michael to see and to let the Ortonites know you can rest and safely say that Orton will still be champ.

Thoughts and comments please.