The 10 Craziest Times Someone Has Said Roll Tide

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 30, 2014

The 10 Craziest Times Someone Has Said Roll Tide

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    "Roll Tide."

    It's a saying that, unless you're an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, you probably can't stand hearing people yell to each other.

    Using it as a way to show both unity and appreciation for one another, it has been yelled at some pretty interesting times—which have, thankfully, been caught on tape.

    And as much as it makes our ears bleed, some of the moments people have said it are absolutely hilarious.

Anywhere in This ESPN Commercial

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    It may not be a specific place, but if you need an understanding at just how crazy the saying "Roll Tide" is, just take a look at this ESPN commercial—because it gives a number of circumstances where Bama fans would realistically yell the cheer.

    As an Ohio State fan, I can tell you how crazy Buckeyes fan are with the whole, "OH-IO" thing, and, as you can tell by this video, Alabama fans are even wilder.


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    Now, I don't want to play the stereotype card or anything, but would anyone disagree that this YouTube guy by the name of MegaSkeet420 is who you associate with the Crimson Tide?

    A loud-mouthed, beer chugging, sailor-swearing, Bama jersey-wearing kind of guy, MegaSkeet trolls everyone who doubts that his Tide are the best in the country.

    And the fact that he's getting featured on the local news means he's doing something right.

This Proud, Bama Papa

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    It must have been really sweet for this high school girl to be sitting there in front of her dad as she hoped her team name would be called for some award—which happened to be held at Auburn University.

    For those who are unaware for some reason, Auburn and Alabama hate each other.

    And it's not just a, "I hate the taste of beer," kind of hate, either, but a true, down in your gut kind of dislike.

    So after the girl's team earns third place, what does her dear old dad scream to celebrate? Bet you can guess it?

    "Roll Tide."

Spring Breakers

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    As most college kids do, a few Alabama fans were busy boozing it up on spring break this year when, all of a sudden, the party got shutdown by the cops, leading to 32 arrests.

    Rather than come up with some lame excuse or talk themselves out of it, they only had two words for the boys in blue, "Roll Tide."

Any Wedding Reception

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    It's bad enough that a catchy song like Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" get ruined every single time it's played around Crimson Tide fans—although it is like the school's anthem.

    But it's worse when the words, "Roll Tide Roll," are tossed in there to pack extra punch to it.

    And you can bet that every single wedding of a Bama fan makes sure that this song is played, and those words are screamed loud and proud when it is.

Barack Obama

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    After winning the college football national title for the second-straight season and third time in four years, the Crimson Tide found themselves back at The White House visiting with President Barack Obama.

    With Obama tossing in a few jokes and admitting that he turned the title game against Notre Dame off at halftime because it was such a blowout, he slipped in a, "Roll Tide" for the cameras to catch.

    When the most powerful man in the world does something like that, it really gives serious cred to a school and its fans.

Chris Chiappetta

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    Some people may fear for America's youth because they're constantly on their phones or handheld video games, but maybe we should be scared because their teachers are a little out of whack.

    At least, that's the case with this former teacher, who, after passing out on his desk during class, got cuffed up and taken to jail after getting busted.

    His lasting words before heading into the paddy wagon? What any true Bama fan would say, "Roll Tide!"

A Big Moment in U.S. History

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    While most people remember where they were when they first heard the news about Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's death in 2011, one girl specifically stood out above the rest during an interview in front of live cameras outside of The White House.

    With literally a million different things she could have said in that moment, the words, "Roll Tide, y'all" spewed from her mouth, clearly outdoing all the others interviewed.

Heath McDonald

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    If I were standing with handcuffs on in my own driveway and a reporter came up to me and asked me a question about what happened, I'm not so sure I'd have the same reaction as this gentleman.

    So for that very reason, I applaud Mr. Heath McDonald.

    After a drug bust a few days ago, McDonald believed that following the words, "I'm innocent," with, "Roll Tide" would help him in the court of law.

    And since I'm not from the state of Alabama, it very well just might.

    Props on busting it out at one of the best times in history, sir.

Harvey Updyke

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    This definitely isn't the best time someone has yelled the words, "Roll Tide," but it certainly was the ballsiest.

    Most of us know the story about insanely-obsessed Alabama fan Harvey Updyke by now.

    He's the dude who poisoned the famed oak trees on rival Auburn's campus, killing them slowly and getting himself into serious trouble for doing it.

    While some might do it and fade away into oblivion, Updyke called into the Paul Finebaum Show, boasting about it, signing off with three simple words, "Roll Damn Tide."