NBC Reality Star Torrie Wilson's Hot Lesbian Past

Tim ListAnalyst IJune 28, 2009

NBC Reality Star Torrie Wilson's Hot Lesbian Past
Torrie Wilson, the fitness model champion turned WWE Diva turned NBC reality show superstar of "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here" has a lesbian past, and it played out right before viewers' eyes on national television!
The bodacious busty blonde bombshell from Boise was working for WWE at the time, and involved in a wild storyline on the Smackdown television show, which was being written by The Mad Scientist himself, Paul Heyman.
Heyman scripted Wilson, as a popular heroine, to be victimized by the evil Dawn Marie, who was found to be sleeping with Wilson's father (played by her real life father on TV).
Wilson, of course, challenged Dawn Marie to a series of bikini contests and fashion showdowns and even wrestling matches as part of Heyman's plan to make Smackdown not only competitive with Raw, but place the show above Raw as WWE's most watched television show.
It worked.
On one episode, Dawn Marie even blackmailed Torrie into meeting her in a hotel room, and they had a passionate kiss as both had stripped down to their bras, revealing their wonderfully enhanced cleavage on the show, which was then airing on UPN.
Many more pics of Torrie available HERE
Wilson has no plans to return to professional wrestling, and appears to be trying to break into show business in a big way, in addition to her "Jaded" clothing line, which she operates with current boyfriend, former WWE performer (and current MMA fighter) Nick Mitchell. Yes, "Mitch" from The Spirit Squad.