Batista Quits WWE on Monday Night Raw: Latest Updates and Reaction

Chris RolingFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2014

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After quite a rocky return tour and a losing streak with a revived Evolution, Batista has quit WWE.

One night after Evolution was badly beaten at the hands of The Shield at Payback—marking the legendary group's second consecutive pay-per-view loss at the hands of the Hounds of Justice—Batista kicked off the June 2 edition of Raw by walking out.

Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista hit the ring to address the ugly 3-0 loss, with the ringleader and WWE COO wanting another shot. Instead, Batista elected to go the selfish route and demand his promised-upon-return title shot.

Of course, Triple H was in no position to grant the wish—not that he wanted to—since Daniel Bryan remains out of commission due to injury. This promoted Batista's departure, as captured by WWE's Twitter account:

As WWE Creative Humor notes, it was the biggest pop The Animal has received from a crowd since his ill-fated Royal Rumble return:

Even fellow (former) superstar Dolph Ziggler got in on the action:

The departure marks the second time Batista has quit the company, although it was certainly not as memorable as his previous wheelchair-laden exit. The Animal, much like The Rock, has his eyes set on Hollywood.

Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest movie he is set to appear in, will be premiering on August 1. He is likely now focusing his time on promoting it. 

While Batista promotes his movies, Randy Orton is likely to go back to singles action and Triple H reinserts himself into the Bryan drama. Don't expect Batista back (if at all, given how horribly received his current run has been) until the summer months, which, by then, will once again throw his spot on the card into question. Perhaps SummerSlam, once his movie has already been released? 

For now, Bootista has left the building.


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