WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from June 6

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJune 7, 2014

WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from June 6

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    Every week on Bleacher Report, I take an in-depth look at WWE SmackDown to recap the action, offer analysis and grade the matches, segments and anything else that takes place on the show. I also provide some predictions on the direction of storylines.

    WWE saw a big upswing in quality after the abysmal episode we had last week. There were a few very good matches and a lot of storyline development.

    Bray Wyatt made his return, Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins squared off in a match many fans have wanted to see for a long time, and Wade Barrett successfully retained his Intercontinental Championship for the third time in a week.

    Alicia Fox continued to wreak havoc at ringside after her match with Natalya, and Rusev defeated Xavier Woods in a match so quick, you would miss it if you sneezed.

    Let's take a look at what went down on this week's SmackDown.

The Evolution of Seth Rollins

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    Triple H and Rollins came out to address what happened on Monday. Triple H gloated about winning in the end, and Rollins said he doesn't owe anyone an explanation.

    Triple H is always good on the mic, and Rollins did a decent job, but seeing Ziggler actually get involved in a major angle was the happy surprise of the night.

    He might not be getting involved past this show, but any kind of exposure for Ziggler is good. He is too good to be wasted the way he has been in recent months.

    Grade: B+

    Some notes from the segment:

    • Triple H nodding when Ziggler said he would get knocked down the totem pole for speaking out was hilarious.
    • Ziggler said he would never turn on his brothers. Does that mean he is still in contact with The Spirit Squad?
    • Triple H was almost giddy when he was bragging about fooling everyone on Raw.
    • I wonder how long it will be until Rollins loses the tactical gear and changes his look.

The Show Off vs. The Sell Out

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    This match was as much fun as I hoped it would be, but I can't help but get the feeling that these two could do more in a bigger match scenario.

    Ziggler looked great against Rollins, but he wasn't able to pull out the win against the newest member of Evolution. While he may have lost, this makes two great matches in a row against members of Evolution.

    Ziggler doesn't need to win to impress the right people. WWE obviously knows he will make his opponents look good, which is exactly why he keeps ending up in matches against members of Evolution.

    I hope this is not the last we have seen of Ziggler vs. Rollins because it was a fast-paced match with a lot of memorable moments.

    Grade: A

    Some notes from the match:

    • The way Ziggler applied the sleeper was very creative.
    • I love how Triple H went over to JBL a few times so he could brag about his newest pet project.
    • Either the crowd was really loud during this match or somebody overdid it with the editing.
    • Big Show confronted Triple H and Rollins backstage, and he ends up being put into a match against Randy Orton for later in the evening.

The Usos vs. Rybaxel

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    This was a pretty good tag team match despite only being a few minutes long. The level of energy was high from all four men in the match, and The Usos got a needed win to make them look like they deserve the hold the tag team titles.

    Rybaxel have really grown on me in recent months. They use a lot of classic double-team moves, and the chemistry Ryback has developed with Curtis Axel couldn't have been predicted by anyone.

    Ryback is much better in small doses. Balancing him out with the technical ability of Axel masks some of his shortcomings and has given him a chance to improve.

    Grade: B

    Some notes from the match:

    • The superkick to Axel while he was diving off the top rope was a great spot.
    • It's great to see The Usos get a decisive win after being punching bags for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in their past couple of matches.
    • The Usos may have the best entrance in WWE right now. They are so good at getting the crowd pumped up.

Ivan Drago vs. Consequences Creed

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    This match can be boiled down to one sentence. Rusev hit a huge kick and then made Woods tap out to The Accolade. Lana's promo before the match lasted longer than the match itself.

    Woods came out to "Stars an Stripes Forever" with a big hat and jacket styled after the American flag. It ignited some USA chants for the 10 seconds between the bell and the kick that took Woods right out of the match.

    It seems like WWE has big plans for Rusev, but it keeps putting him in these quick throwaway matches. His bout with Big E showed that he had potential, now he needs to prove he can live up to it.

    Grade: D

    Some notes from the match:

    • Lana shouldn't be getting mad at the USA chants. Mocking them would get her so much more heat.
    • It's a good thing Woods kept one of his jackets from his TNA days.
    • I like how Lilian Garcia introduced Rusev, using how many kilos he weighs instead of pounds.
    • Having a huge Russian flag come down behind the ring during Rusev's celebration was a nice touch.

Bad News Barrett vs. RVD vs. Cesaro (IC Title Match)

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    Triple Threat matches can often look sloppy and poorly planned, but this one went off without a hitch. All three men looked very good throughout the entire contest, but it was Wade Barrett who walked away with his title intact.

    It was almost surprising how well the bout was executed. Each man had a chance to dominate part of the match for a little while. RVD took the most punishment, but he was also the one who had some of the most innovative offense.

    Cesaro did not take the pin, which gives him and Heyman a reason to request another shot at the title in the near future. Keeping RVD in the mix allows WWE to keep both Cesaro and Barrett as heels, but the crowd responds so well to both men that they don't really need RVD to get the crowd to pop.

    Grade: B+ 

    Some notes from the match:

    • Barrett has now defended his title three times within the span of a week, which might be some kind of record outside of the Hardcore title.
    • Michael Cole knows it's all for the sake of the show, but it still has to be hard sitting between two guys such as JBL and Paul Heyman while they are just insulting you left and right.
    • Barrett has been getting good clean wins lately. It's nice to see a heel not rely on heel tactics to win a match.

Bray Wyatt Reborn

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    Bray Wyatt delivered a promo all alone in a dark room about his match with John Cena at Payback. He talked about feeling fear as he was locked inside a box by Cena and how he remembered the words of Abigail.

    Only Bray Wyatt can take losing a match and, in one promo, turn it around to make it seem like he got more out of the loss than he would have out of the win. It had the usual level of creepiness, which is really saying something since Harper and Rowan were not there to blankly stare at the camera.

    That is the great thing about his character. He doesn't have title aspirations, and he doesn't care about wins or losses. All he cares about is tormenting his enemies.

    It's hard to say at this point where WWE is going to direct Wyatt's attention, but three PPV matches in a row is usually the limit, so he is probably done with Cena for now. Whoever feuds with Wyatt next better be up to the task, because matching him on the mic would be hard for the most skilled veteran.

    Grade: B+

Crazy Like a Fox

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    Alicia Fox lost a match to Natalya and then had what might be her biggest temper tantrum to date. She did not destroy anything at ringside, but she was acting like a toddler who was told she couldn't get her favorite toy at the store for so long, she had to play her music to signal it was time for her to leave.

    Fox's antics are interesting, but the storyline is reaching a point where it needs to go somewhere or soon the novelty of her going nuts will wear off, and she will be right back where she was before all this started.

    It's hard to grade a match that was all about performance and not actual wrestling. There were some entertaining moments, but this was no different than anything else we have seen from Fox in recent weeks.

    Grade: C-

Santino Is Not a 'Boliever'

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    Bo Dallas defeated Santino in a quick match that finally saw Dallas show some more of his aggressive side that we have seen in NXT.

    Dallas extended his winning streak to five before telling Emma not to think Santino was a loser because he tried his best.

    Having seen plenty of his work in NXT, I know Dallas is capable of having great matches. WWE is not helping him by giving him these quick and easy wins. It's the same thing as with Rusev. They need to be tested right out of the gate before WWE wastes months working on a character who may not get over in the end.

    Grade: C-

    Some notes from the match:

    • The only reason this wasn't a lower grade is because Dallas finally showed some of the ruthlessness every heel needs to succeed.
    • The good thing about facing Santino is that Dallas wasn't the most ridiculous character in the match.

Who Is Being Punished Here, Really?

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    This match was made after an earlier encounter which saw Big Show insult Rollins and Triple H. Show was placed into a match with Randy Orton as a punishment, but it seemed more like Orton was being punished.

    Once Rollins came out, it was clear Triple H had other plans in mind all along. Rollins caused a disqualification when he hit Big Show with a flying knee to the face, but the real beating came after.

    Orton held Big Show in place, while Rollins hit two Curb Stomps into a steel chair. The show ended with Triple H holding up the hands of Orton and Rollins. It was a good visual to help push the heel turn of Rollins and assert dominance as a group.

    Orton and Show has been in the ring many times before, so they know how to put together a good match based off their individual skills. This was a good way to end the show.

    Grade: B

    Some notes from the match:

    • The sound made by Big Show's giant hand slapping against Orton's chest was extremely loud.
    • I'm glad Michael Cole brought up that Orton should be pissed about being put in a match with Big Show.
    • Hitting Big Show with the rope-hung DDT was impressive. Orton had to support almost all of Show's weight before dropping him on his head.

Final Thoughts and Predictions

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    Last week's show was a mess, so it was nice to see WWE bounce back with a few decent matches and a lot less comedy that misses the mark.

    Seth Rollins was a major focus throughout the night, which is totally understandable given recent events. His opening promo and match with Dolph Ziggler were both highlights of the show, but his involvement in the beating of Big Show definitely helped cement him as a heel.

    The Triple Threat match for the IC title was great, and it made Wade Barrett look like a fighting champion. Normally a heel would whine about having to defend his title three times in one week, but Barrett just went out and won every singe match.

    Alicia Fox continued her descent into madness, Bray Wyatt made everyone forget that he lost at Payback and Rusev showed another display of his dominance. There was no El Torito, Fandango or Vickie Guerrero, so it was a pretty good week.


    • Rusev's next feud will include a flag match.
    • Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will attack Rollins on Raw.
    • Sin Cara will win a qualifying match just so he can hit some big spots in the Money in the Bank Ladder match.
    • Either Christian or Evan Bourne will return to claim a spot in the MITB match.
    • Paige will defend her Divas title against Natalya at MITB.
    • Unfortunately, El Torito and Hornswoggle will continue their rivalry.

    What did you think of this week's SmackDown?

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