Strangest BFFs in Sports

Giancarlo Ferrari-King@@GiancarloKingFeatured ColumnistJune 12, 2014

Strangest BFFs in Sports

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    Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

    Professional athletes and celebrities pretty much go hand in hand nowadays. And if you think about it, it makes complete sense.

    They both accrue Jurassic Park-like money, spend that money like it's going out of style and are slobbered over by the general public.

    Through all of the wild escapades professional athletes undergo, sometimes strange friendships blossom out of the ground.

    It doesn't matter who they are. Coaches, current players and former legends all have plenty of weird friendships to go around.

    Start the slideshow below and let's jump right into it. Here's a look at some of the strangest BFFs in all of sports.

Drake and John Calipari

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    Recently, Drake has a made a habit of showing up on TV during big sporting events.

    Turn on a Toronto Raptors playoffs game, there's Drake tidying up his pants with a lint roller. Flip over to the National Championship showdown between Kentucky and UConn, there's Drake rocking out in the stands.

    Though the 27-year-old's sporting loyalties are questionable, his friendship with Kentucky basketball head coach John Calipari is real.

    Coach Cal and Drake go further back than LeBron James' hairline. 

    Zach McCann of wrote about how the two formed their odd, but concrete bond:

    "Drake was born and raised by his mother in Canada, but he spent his summers in Memphis with his father," McCann wrote. "And as his fame grew throughout the 2000s, he got to know John Calipari, who coached Memphis basketball from 2000 to 2009."

    In terms of recruiting talent, Calipari has become college basketball's version of Pat Riley.

    He also on some level, has a little Riley swagger in his repertoire—I'm talking Miami Heat Riley, not Showtime Lakers Riley.

    Drake and Calipari's friendship has given the Kentucky coach another angle to recruit with. Having one of hip-hop's biggest stars at your disposal is a great way to coax prospects over to Lexington.

    The relationship between the MC and head coach runs so deep that Calipari even sent Drake a custom National Championship ring with his name on it after Kentucky's 2012 victory.

    I guess they do have an award for that—trophies.

Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber

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    Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

    You can't make up a more polarizing pair of people to hang out even if you tried.

    Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Justin "Egg" Bieber have formed quite the friendship over the last couple of years.

    It seems like just yesterday that Mayweather was training for a big fight while his best friend 50 Cent was riding around on a Segway inside of his lavish Las Vegas abode.

    Now the artist formerly known as "Pretty Boy" can be seen kicking it with Bieber not only during fights, but also back in civilian life.

    Mayweather being cool with Bieber is strange in all sorts of ways. Aside from Mayweather being 17 years older than the Canadian pop star, their friendship has made people think that Bieber is now a tough guy.

    Maybe one day Bieber and Mayweather will break off their bromance.

    Until then, we're all stuck watching everyone's "favorite" crooner accompany the unbeaten boxer each and every time he walks down to the ring.

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un

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    Jason Mojica/Associated Press

    The biggest odd couple in the history of sports has to be former NBA rebounding machine Dennis Rodman and North Korea's Kim Jong-Un.

    Rodman's life has been full of bizarre stunts.

    If you remember, he once posed as a bride for a book signing back when Bill Clinton was in the White House. He also starred alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme in the cult classic action flick Double Team

    The Worm even broke bread on The Apprentice for a season.

    But nothing Rodman has done in the past lives up to his budding friendship with the North Korean dictator. Rodzilla and Kim have forged a relationship thanks to their love of basketball.

    Again, this is the strangest pairing of two people the world has laid eyes on since The Undertaker fought "himself" back in 1994.

David Beckham and Tom Cruise

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    Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

    David Beckham doesn't have a lot of friends.

    Don't take my word for it. Here's what the man himself had to say, per Donna Bowater of The Telegraph:

    "I’ve got my wife. I’ve got my four kids. I’ve got parents, grandparents still, and three really good friends. It’s all you need. I’d rather have three really good friends than 20 good friends," Beckham said.

    One of those friends seems to be action star Tom Cruise.

    Cruise and Beckham have been boys for years. Stacy Lambe of even made note of the fact that Beckham named his son after the Top Gun star.

    The friendship ran thick as thieves for years until as Lambe pointed out, Cruise and actress Katie Holmes got divorced.

    But in Hollywood, we've learned to never stop believing.

    Cruise and Beckham were spotted together in 2013 at Los Angeles Kings hockey game, proving to the world that just like M. Night Shyamalan's cult classic, the friendship these two guys have is Unbreakable.

Pete Carroll and Will Ferrell

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    Even though he's now a Super Bowl-winning NFL coach, no one will ever forget Pete Carroll's run as the head coach at USC.

    Actor Will Ferrell, a Southern Cal alumnus, has grown to love the former head coach.

    He's appeared on stage during interviews with the coach and has even dressed up in a USC-colored sumo wrestling outfit to pay tribute to Carroll.

    With the bravado of a prime Ric Flair, Carroll has come a long way from his days with the New York Jets. He's now a genuine rock star who struts around with celebrities and wins Super Bowls.

    As weird as the pairing is, his friendship with Ferrell is simply another indication of the mark he's left on pop culture.

Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian

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    Charley Gallay/Getty Images

    Putting Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams together on the same soundstage sounds like a great idea for an NBC sitcom.

    Kim would be the zany one, while Serena would be the more serious, sporty one. Maybe they could slash through the justice system together and create a terrible NBC version of TNT's Rizzoli & Isles.

    In real life, the two have become quite the pair.

    Whether they're shopping for wedding dresses or posing together on Instagram, Williams and Kardashian's friendship looks to be stronger than The Mountain from Game of Thrones.

    Fun fact: Williams attended both of Kim's weddings—the one to Herman Munster Kris Humphries and the recent nuptials between Kim and Kanye West.

DeSean Jackson and TerRio

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    Internet sensation TerRio's friendship with DeSean Jackson is a blessing we should all take time out of our busy days to appreciate.

    During the Philadelphia Eagles' run to the top of the NFC East last season, Jackson and TerRio took over the world.

    Using Vine and Instagram, the pair showed the world just how much they care about one another.

    Jackson was even thoughtful enough to bring the young kid with him to enjoy all of the Super Bowl's media festivities. 

    Now that Jackson will be playing for the Washington Redskins, we can only hope that TerRio will be once again by his side, killing it as always.

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield

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    Evan Agostini/Associated Press

    You would think that if you decided to bite part of another guy's ear off, your chances of being friends with that person years later would be about zero.

    Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have defied the odds, though. They even went as far as to poke fun at the whole biting incident in a brilliant Foot Locker commercial.

    It's pretty cool that the former champions are now in a good enough place that they can joke about the whole ordeal. Fox Sports 1 posted a video of both men talking about it, laughing the whole time—proving that they are past it.

    A ton of respect goes out to Real Deal Holyfield. Even though Iron Mike chomped on the top of his ear like it was a Fruit Roll-Up, he was cool enough to sweep thing whole thing it under the rug.