UFC Fighters Currently Riding a 5-Fight Win Streak or Better

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UFC Fighters Currently Riding a 5-Fight Win Streak or Better

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    It's hard to rack up wins in the UFC. Winning a couple in a row is impressive, while notching three is sometimes enough to land a title shot.

    Once you get into four or five and beyond, you're just getting crazy with it.

    To beat the best fighters in the world night after night, even when you're sick or tired or sick and tired, says something about your mettle in the cage.

    A few such streaks are presently active in the UFC. Some of these winning fighters are champions, some are soon-to-be challengers, and some are coming in hot out of nowhere. Here's a definitive list of those who are presently riding a streak of five win or better.

Chad Mendes

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    Streak: 5

    Mendes has been rolling through competition for his whole career, save for a dynamic loss to Jose Aldo in 2012, but his most recent streak seems different. There's a maliciousness to his combat now, a hunger that wasn't as obvious when he was an 11-0 first-time title challenger.

    He'll have a chance to prove that and extend his win streak when he takes on Aldo for a second time in early August. A win would erase one of the most memorable knockout losses in featherweight history and also land him a big gold belt for his troubles.

Demetrious Johnson

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    Streak: 5

    The first titleholder to appear on the list is a guy the UFC often refers to as the most technical fighter in the business. The diminutive "Mighty Mouse" has won five fights in a row and has never lost as a flyweight.

    Next up: A bout this weekend for his UFC title, where he'll defend the gold against Ali Bagautinov in Vancouver, Canada. Success will make it four straight title defenses for him, too.

Myles Jury

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    Streak: 5

    Jury is the up-and-comer whom everyone knew to have the tools but wondered if he'd put them to use. That stigma likely came from his struggles on two separate seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, but it sure has been proved wrong since he hit the Octagon for real.

    Already with wins over Michael Johnson and Diego Sanchez, he just pulled out of a bout with Abel Trujillo. He might actually end up with a more notable name once he heals up.

Cub Swanson

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    Streak: 5

    Swanson is prepping for a bout with Jeremy Stephens in a couple of weeks, and a win might give him a chance to call out the winner of Chad Mendes vs. Jose Aldo later this summer.

    The Jackson's MMA product has been a nasty piece of business over the course of the past couple of years, overcoming the injury bug that slowed his progress a few years ago and really putting together his substantial skill set and scoring finishes as a result. Dustin Poirier is the only man to survive to the bell during the streak.

TJ Grant

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    Streak: 5

    Forced to the sidelines by a head injury, Grant was riding high following a lightweight reinvention that saw him win five in a row. Actually, he was riding so high that he was set up for a title shot before the injury.

    There's no time frame for his return, but the UFC is heading to his home province of Nova Scotia, Canada later this year. If the promotion can find him a dance partner and his melon is feeling a little better, he might like to make it six on home soil.

Dennis Bermudez

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    Streak: 6

    Bermudez has quietly been climbing the 145-pound ranks since a stint on TUF and looks to be a diamond in the rough. With a full-throttle approach to combat and the wrestling chops to get him out of the tough situations he sometimes creates in a brawl, there's plenty to like about the New York native.

    His current run is impressive, and it also makes one believe that there is still talent to be mined from TUF from time to time.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

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    Streak: 6

    Nurmagomedov is the type of young gun the UFC needs these days. He's ultratalented with no clear holes in his game and an obvious ability to improve every time out. He has wins over a host of tough UFC veterans and hasn't yet lost in his 22-fight career.

    The brawny Russian has quickly become a fan favorite for his aggression and ability to implement wrestling in an exciting manner, and he's also riding a six-fight UFC win streak.

    Coupled with his willingness to talk a little trash on Twitter and fight anyone the UFC can throw at him, it's looking like he's only going to get bigger as he marches toward a title shot.

Raphael Assuncao

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    Streak: 6

    Assuncao is the classic case of a man without a home who finally found one. After competing at higher weights for much of his career, he dropped to bantamweight in 2011 and hasn't looked back since.

    Six fights, six wins.

    He already has a W over present champion TJ Dillashaw, and he's the odds-on favorite to serve as Dillashaw's first title defense later in 2014.

Jose Aldo

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    Streak: 6

    Aldo has quietly amassed an impressive run in the UFC, serving as the only featherweight champion the promotion has ever known. While much of the flash and excitement that was a trademark of his game in the WEC has dissipated, an Aldo fight is a guaranteed clinic that's usually one-sided in his favor.

    When you consider he also put up 11 wins in a row prior to landing in the UFC, there might not be a more dominant man on paper in the sport today.

Chris Weidman

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    Streak: 7

    The third champion on the list, Weidman is undefeated as a mixed martial artist and holds two wins over Anderson Silva as well. Not many people can claim either of those things, which proves that the young middleweight kingpin has been more than able to live up to the hype that came along with his rise through the ranks.

    He'll see Lyoto Machida next time out, a fight that fans are clamoring for due to the unique stylistic engagement it's likely to present. Should he be successful, Weidman will be halfway to Silva's astounding record of 16 straight UFC wins.

Matt Brown

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    Streak: 7

    Brown will finally get the high-profile fight he's been seeking when he battles Robbie Lawler later this summer. Should he be successful, he'll earn a title shot after what will be his eighth straight win in the UFC.

    Not that long ago he was a journeyman TUF alumnus on the type of losing streak that usually earns a man his pink slip. Then he turned it around without abandoning the fan-friendly style that kept him in the promotion in the first place, and he has been romping through 170-pound competition ever since.

    Truly a remarkable story.

Jon Jones

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    Streak: 11

    Jones has been a tough out for anyone unfortunate enough to draw him in his UFC career. Even his loss was basically handed to him because he ran out of ways to beat on Matt Hamill and resorted unknowingly to an illegal technique in search of a finish.

    He'll rematch Alexander Gustafsson later this year, who happens to be the only man to ever come close to toppling the light heavyweight champion. With a win, there's no question Jones will be nipping at the heels of Anderson Silva as the best to ever compete in the sport.

Georges St-Pierre (Sort Of)

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    Isaac Brekken/Associated Press

    Streak: 12

    GSP gets thrown in at the end here but kind of with an asterisk. The former welterweight champion (it's still kind of weird saying that) left the sport after a controversial win in November and has no particular time frame for a return—if one happens at all.

    It's not really a retirement, but he's definitely not an active fighter either. However you want to slice it, he'll be riding a streak of a dozen wins in a row if and when he decides to return to the Octagon.

    Streak stats courtesy of Fight Matrix and Cage Potato.

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