World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony: Twitter Reacts to Celebration from Brazil

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistJune 12, 2014

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The 2014 World Cup Opening Ceremony in Brazil was a whirlwind of bright colors, dancers, music and, well, people on stilts dressed as walking trees. It was vibrant, bright and energetic.

Would you have expected anything else?

While part of the fun of any opening ceremony is the snarky tweets that accompany it—and we'll get to those—let's start with Ben Smith of the BBC, who broke down the the representation present in the beginning portions of the proceedings:

Squawka Football also passed around some images:

We care, Squawka! We really care!

Nature was indeed very much present, with folks in costumes representing trees, droplets of water and various shrubbery. Miguel Delaney of ESPN had his own take on it:

Jonathan Wilson of The Blizzard tried to analyze it all seriously but couldn't quite pull off the trick:

Dan Levy of Bleacher Report didn't attempt seriousness:

And then came the main event, as Bleacher Report tweeted:

But disaster nearly struck as Jennifer Lopez tried to emerge to the stage above! Oh, the horror! The shame! The...oh, never mind, she made it up there with an assist from Pitbull, according to Fox Soccer Trax:


And in many ways, that was the Opening Ceremony in a nutshell. It was a short, quick tribute to Brazil's natural beauty, its people, its music and its love of footy. Let's take a look at a few more images of the proceedings.

Andre Penner/Associated Press

Andre Penner/Associated Press

Frank Augstein/Associated Press

Andre Penner/Associated Press

Andre Penner/Associated Press

Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press

Of course, one would guess the national team would provide a more telling representation of the country with their play on the pitch, but the Opening Ceremony had its moments nonetheless.

Mashable shared a particularly cool one:

That's incredibly cool.

What was probably a bit less cool? Being the particular Croatian contingent in the stands, as photographed by Brian Straus of Sports Illustrated:

But hey, that's what the World Cup is all about.

The hope for Brazil, of course, will be that their beloved national team can give them reason to carry over this excitement throughout the tournament once they take the pitch. The Opening Ceremony had dancers, costumes, vivid colors and, well, Pitbull. The Brazilian national team has Neymar, Hulk, Oscar, David Luiz and Thiago Silva.

What do you think will be the better show?

My money's on the latter.


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