Big Athletes with Little Dogs

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJune 18, 2014

Big Athletes with Little Dogs

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    Remy de la Mauviniere/Associated Press

    When disproportionately sized things are paired with each other, it's a spectaclea spectacle that runs the gamut from alarming to hilarious.

    Why else would a movie studio release Twins—a comedy based on the fact that human slab Arnold Schwarzenegger towers over the diminutive Danny DeVito—or why squeezing Will Ferrell into a tiny pair of gym shorts never gets old?

    The same logic applies to people and their dogs. (Though, seeing a small child trying to walk a Great Dane is an example of a situation that could be alarming and hilarious.)

    Athletes tend be larger than everyone else. And like the rest of us, athletes love their puppies as furry, infuriating children that skate by on their adorableness.

    So, there are some great pics on the "Interwebs" that capture the wonderfully goofy dynamic of big athletes with wee dogs. 

Prince Amukamara, New York Giants

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    Instagram ID: @princeamukamara 

    Caption: #stitchsunday #stichselfie #frenchbulldog #frenchie

    Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara is one of about a bazillion athletes who have fallen under the spell of the French bulldog. He prefers not to leave home without his. 

Ty Dillon, NASCAR Driver

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    Instagram ID: @ty_dillon 

    Caption: Bubba took a little pre qualifying nap with me must be nice to sleep on top of your house 

    NASCAR driver Ty Dillon rests up for races by naps with, or at least in the general vicinity of, his French bulldog Bubba. 

Adam “Pacman” Jones, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Instagram ID: @realpackman24

    Caption: Me and one of my BF just chilling waiting on the game and Triniti # missingniyah 

    You would think Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones would be the last NFL player to have a tiny Yorkie. Just when you think you know a guy!

Gio Gonzalez, Washington Nationals

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    Instagram ID: @giogonzalez47

    Caption: Look up stitch, “say cheese”  #stitch #bearhug @itsthisgonzi @d_train17 @lea_m33 

    Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez is all kinds of in love with his little French bulldog Stitch. And who can blame him—just look at that ridiculously crazy face. 

Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons

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    Instagram ID: @andredrummondd

    Caption: My partner in crime! #Roscoe 

    Pistons center Andre Drummond doesn’t feel the need to get a big intimidating dog to prove himself in any way. Instead he found the tiniest, white powder-puff puppy that money could buy. 

Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons

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    Instagram ID: @andredrummondd

    Caption: Mans Bestfriend #Ro$coe 

    Seriously, Drummond’s Instagram account is an ode to him and little Roscoe. Too cute for words. 

Rickie Fowler, PGA

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    Instagram ID: @therealrickiefowler

    Caption: Post workout afternoon sit with my boy Brody. #relaxing

    PGA pro Rickie Fowler spends all his downtime with this sweet little guy. Brody even takes care of Fowler when he’s down and out with the flu. 

Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

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    Instagram ID: @rgiii

    Caption: The smallest things in life can bring us so much joy #Puppy #Smile  

    Since this sweet photo was taken, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has since added another puny puppy to his family. Neither of them is much larger than a football. 

Steve Weatherford, New York Giants

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    Instagram ID: @weatherford5

    Caption: Meet Olaf everyone. My kids got me a puppy for Father’s Day. He’s the newest member of #TeamWeatherford. All 2.5 lbs of him :) 

    Giants punter Steve Weatherford did much better this Father’s Day than getting a tacky tie or macaroni masterpiece. His kids got him—likely with a lot of help from his wife—the cutest French bulldog puppy ever. 

Randall Telfer, USC Football

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    Instagram ID: @randalltelfer 

    Caption: Dog sitting..!

    Trojans tight end Randall Telfer may not have his own little dog just yet, but it looks like he’s already hooked. He definitely looks like someone you’d trust taking care of your pup while on vacation. 

Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Instagram ID: @jmac_18

    Caption: Enjoying this great day with my pup jayce!

    Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin’s little dog Jayce is definitely going to grow out of little dog classification at some point, but right now she definitely qualifies as being bite-sized. 

Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers

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    Instagram ID: @vernondavis85

    Caption: Church, picked up new TV (old one blew out), grabbed Jamba Juice (3942 river mark plaza Santa Clara), and now at this moment...

    Niners tight end Vernon Davis is a busy man but always finds time to spend with his little French bulldog. These two will have much more time together this summer if Davis decides to hold out of training camp. 

Josh Cribbs, NFL Free Agent

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    Instagram ID: @joshcribbs16

    Caption: This is Halo, my furry lil Pit-bull stuck inside a Teacup Yorkie’s Body lol #Halo 

    NFL free agent Josh Cribbs could have actually named his teacup Yorkie “Killa,” and she wouldn’t have been any more intimating with that pink bow in her hair. “Halo” was a much more appropriate name...she’s his angel. Awww. 

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Instagram ID: @easymoneysniper

    Caption: Welcome baby Zo to the crib!

    Superstar Kevin Durant and his Thunder may have exited the playoffs earlier than he would have liked this season, but at least he had that preciously wrinkled face to come home to. 

Domonic Brown, Philadelphia Phillies

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    Instagram ID: @domonicbrown

    Caption: I love him #tyga #pitbull

    Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown’s little dog Tyga isn’t going to be little for long. He’s still all kinds of adorable, though. 

Daniel Gibson, NBA Free Agent

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    Instagram ID: @boobygang 

    Caption: BEWARE of the Dawg. 

    Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson prefers not to leave home without his baby girl. In this case, "baby girl" obviously means "teeny dog." 

Daniel Gibson, NBA Free Agent

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    Instagram ID: @boobygang 

    Caption: My Lil Smurfette..

    Daniel Gibson doesn’t just love his little, white floofy dog—he loves it enough to take her to the groomer, get her hair colored and show it off proudly. Awww. 

Wesley Woodyard, Tennessee Titans

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    Instagram ID: @wooddro54

    Caption: #DaddysLittleGirls #Rocsi #WittleWittle 

    Titans linebacker Wesley Woodyard is just too cute for words while he's cuddling with his little Yorkie Rocsi. That’s a man in love. 

Aroldis Chapman, Cincinnati Reds

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    Instagram ID: @_thecubanmissile54

    Caption: #chapmanswagg @yensyfernandezfotografia 

    Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman has the best of both worlds, canine-wise. He has the big, manly pit bull to make him look tough and an adorable Cocker Spaniel mix to keep him humble. 

Chris Bosh, Miami Heat

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    Instagram ID: @chrisbosh

    Caption: Happy Holidays!!!

    Heat big man Chris Bosh looks especially big next to three tiny, white dogs, each one inexplicably smaller than the last. 

Evan Mathis, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Instagram ID: @evanmathis69

    Caption: Straight thuggin’

    Eagles offensive guard Evan Mathis and his teeny, tiny dog are absolute OGs.