WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for June 20

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJune 17, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

With Money in the Bank just over a week away, tensions behind the seven men involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match are running high. This Friday night on SmackDown, Roman Reigns does battle with Alberto Del Rio in the main event, but all of the match's participants are in the house.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are also on hand for what should be a pivotal night on their road to WrestleMania. If Ambrose wants to get his hands on Rollins, he will have to go through The Demon, Kane.

Will Ambrose gain a measure of revenge following Monday's chokeslam or will Rollins watch as Kane takes out another rival of the Authority? 

Dolph Ziggler will square off with Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett in a non-title match, Bo Dallas will look to make a BOliever out of Fandango and Adam Rose brings the Exotic Express to the show.

WWE's premier Friday night show looks to be far more eventful than most weeks. Catch up on all that you can expect from the broadcast, courtesy of our friends at WrestlingInc.com!



Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.


Commentary Team

Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield.



  • John Cena kicks off the show for a promo. His opponents in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match, minus Bray Wyatt, interrupted and a big brawl broke out. Reigns and Randy Orton fought up the ramp while Sheamus and Cena cleared the ring.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Kofi Kingston
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Bad News Barrett in a non-title match.
  • Adam Rose defeated Titus O'Neil; O'Neil demanded that the match be restarted and Rose won again.
  • Kane defeated Dean Ambrose after a distraction from Seth Rollins, who was on commentary; after the match, Rollins attacked Ambrose and delivered the Curb Stomp.
  • Big E defeated Jack Swagger.
  • Bo Dallas defeated Fandango after Summer Rae and Layla got into a cat fight, leading to Layla kicking Fandango accidentally and Dallas scoring the win.
  • Bray Wyatt cut a backstage promo about winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Sheamus, Cena and Roman Reigns defeated Del Rio, Wyatt, Cesaro and Orton in a three-on-four Handicap match when Reigns pinned Del Rio.



Credit: WWE.com

Roman Reigns Supreme

Reigns caps off an eventful week by receiving a hot tag, tearing through his opponents and pinning Del Rio to win a major six-man tag match for his team.

A win over Del Rio does not mean as much at this point as it may have two years ago, thanks to diminishing star power and his place in the muddled midcard. Still, it is a nice starting point as Reigns continues his path to the top of the business.

More importantly, with two former champions on his team, it makes his look that much more impressive that he was able to shine brightest above all of them.

Reigns is clearly the guy Vince and management see as the future of the industry. If he can reward their faith, he will be a made man. His performances over the next six months, even a year, will indicate how far he makes it.


Credit: WWE.com

Bo Dallas: Babyface?

The most interesting of all the SmackDown match spoilers is Bo Dallas' defeat of Fandango.

Dallas, a longtime heel in NXT, is essentially the same character as he was there. While it certainly is not completely indicative of a babyface turn, his win over Fandango at least means WWE Creative is kicking the idea around. 

While the former NXT champion has most certainly risen to the occasion and made the most of his few opportunities since debuting nearly a month ago, hopefully the company is not overreacting to a growing fan sentiment.

Dallas is an intriguing character who has gotten over in ways that other NXT stars have not, but to suddenly tweak it could prove to be a major mistake.


Credit: WWE.com

Ambrose and Rollins Declare War

If Dean Ambrose's assaults on Rollins on Raw were not bad enough, Rollins escalates the feud Friday night by sitting in on commentary as Ambrose battles Kane. It is a distraction by Rollins and Ambrose's eagerness to get at his friend-turned-rival that costs Ambrose the match.

With neither man involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match, it seems as though they will meet in what will be a highly anticipated bout.

At this point, either man could use a win but with Rollins being the heel who will likely move on to work with Reigns in July, he is in greater need of a signature win.

Regardless of who wins the match, it should be a wildly entertaining bout.