5 Flyweights Who Can Knock You Out

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistJune 25, 2014

5 Flyweights Who Can Knock You Out

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    Many suggest that flyweights in the UFC can't produce knockout victories.

    While they perhaps occur less frequently than in eavier divisions, knockouts most certainly do happen at flyweight too.

    Sure, being 125 pounds doesn't give you as much knockout power as a guy 100 pounds heavier than you, but planting an accurate shot on the jaw is all you need to flicker the lights.

    There are some fighters in the division who know this all too well.

    Right now, let's examine five flyweights that can knock you out in MMA today. 

John Dodson

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    Knockout Percentage: 50 percent (8-16)

    UFC Knockouts: TJ Dillashaw, Jussier da Silva, Darrell Montague, John Moraga (doctor stoppage)

    Right now, John Dodson might be the most feared knockout artist in the UFC flyweight division.

    A rep of Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA, Dodson has continued to improve his already potent striking, which was evident in drubbings of Jussier da Silva, Darrell Montague and current UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw.

    Also consider that he earned knockouts while on The Ultimate Fighter 14.

    Dodson put Brandon Merkt and Johnny Bedford down via knockout, showing that his most recent fights have been his most devastating.

    Standing toe-to-toe with Dodson in a fight is a risk to fall unconscious. 

John Lineker

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    Knockout Percentage: 48 percent (11-23)

    UFC Knockouts: Azamat Gashimov, Jose Maria Tome, Phil Harris

    John Lineker may not be technical and he may not be the best in the world, but the dude can knock you senseless with those head-seeking missiles he calls hands.

    Lineker throws to the head and the body like he is looking to knock certain parts of the anatomy completely off—just look at the head shots against Azamat Gashimov and Jose Maria Tome, and the crippling body work against Phil Harris.

    When you fight this devastating Brazilian, keep your hands up and your chin down. That is, of course, unless you want an early night and a sore jaw. 

Justin Scoggins

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    Knockout Percentage: 67 percent (6-9)

    UFC Knockouts: Richie Vaculik

    Two fights in to his UFC career, Justin Scoggins is already known for his punching power, with the 22-year-old's efforts prior to joining the organization displaying his immense ability in this area.

    Scoggins can knock you out with any of his eight points of contact. He has three knockouts via head kick, a knockout with his knees and others with his hands. He is very versatile in how he can steal your consciousness.

    If it wasn't for Will Campuzano's granite chin, Scoggins could be 2-2 in the UFC in terms of knockout wins.

    He has become a feared striker that will force men to get him to the ground in fights. Otherwise, they could wake up with a ref saving them from damage. 

Kyoji Horiguchi

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    Knockout Percentage: 62 percent (8-13)

    UFC Knockouts: Dustin Pague

    Outside of Takanori Gomi, there aren't a ton of Japanese knockout artists at this point in time. That is, unless you consider Krazy Bee member Kyoji Horiguchi, who is a beast on the feet.

    He is a more technical version of Kid Yamamoto, throwing heat, but picking his spots more precisely. He is also good at ground striking, which led to a UFC stoppage of Dustin Pague.

    He does serious damage when he connects. He has one-punch knockout power that isn't seen too much in the 125-pound division.

    Horiguchi comes from the land of the rising sun, and he will make you see the light if he connects on your jaw. 

Damacio Page

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    Knockout Percentage: 56 percent (10-18)

    UFC Knockouts: Marcos Galvao (WEC)

    Damacio Page was in the UFC as a bantamweight and is now fighting his way back into the organization as a flyweight. With his power, it may be a matter of him continuing to light people up on the feet.

    Since his expulsion from the UFC, "The Angel of Death" has gone 3-1, dropping a close decision while plugging Patrick Ybarra and Matthew Lozano. It is a return to form that we have missed since his early days as a mixed martial artist.

    If he continues drubbing fighters in organizations like Legacy FC, Page could earn an invitation back to the UFC. A light-on-bodies flyweight division could use a guy like him.