10 Athletes Who Are Easily Offended

Matt Haupert@@matthaupFeatured ColumnistJune 24, 2014

10 Athletes Who Are Easily Offended

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    Getting picked on is never fun, and there are very few people on earth who are picked on more ruthlessly than professional athletes.

    Between the jerks that control the media and the trolls that dominate the Twitterverse, athletes are scrutinized for their every step on and off the field and are called out for their flaws on a regular basis.

    Some guys are a little better at handling this than others.

    Those with the thickest skin are able to take even the cruelest tweets, the rudest accusations and the most embarrassing press conference questions and let them roll off their backs like nothing.

    Then there are guys like Allen Iverson, Matt Harvey, Chris Bosh and Ryan Leaf who can be set off by the simplest little jab from a stranger on the Internet or the smallest little question from an idiot with a microphone.

    These, of course, are the men who are all the more fun to poke and prod. The men who provide us with glorious made-for-TV reactions. The men who inspire the trolls to keep trolling.

    There's an old adage that says, "Pick on someone your own size."

    I refute that.

    Rather, I say just pick on the 10 guys included on this list. You're sure to get a reaction that will make it all worth it.

Matt Barkley

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    Philadelphia Eagles superstar third-string quarterback Matt Barkley doesn't like getting messed with on Twitter.

    In fact, send 140 insulting characters his way, and chances are he's already locked and loaded with a YouTube video proving to you how above-average he was in college, therefore nullifying all of your criticism.

    Such was the lesson that UCLA Nation learned last month after using 50 Cent's comically awful ceremonial first pitch as a chance to take a shot at the former USC star. Barkley didn't take too keenly to this and decided to stand up for himself.

    .@UCLA_Nation how funny, your tweet reminds me of me throwing a football too! http://t.co/TKxso6RAWX

    — Matthew Barkley (@MattBarkley) May 28, 2014

    UCLA wasn't done, tweeting back with a video of Barkley getting injured—which was probably crossing the line more than a little bit. (Barkley's inability to complete an NFL pass is funny. Barkley getting hurt is not.)

    The embittered QB reacted by blocking UCLA Nation, safely protecting himself from the cyber-meanies and hiding from their cruel words.

    Some guys just can't handle the tweet.

Matt Harvey

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    Once you have enjoyed the celebrity lifestyle for long enough, it becomes easy to ignore the haters that will inevitably devote precious hours of their lives to insulting you, just hoping for a reaction.

    Matt Harvey hasn't learned this lesson yet, so when Twitter trolls start attacking, Harvey starts defending. Currently recovering from Tommy John surgery along with every other pitcher in Major League Baseball, Harvey has been out of service all season and enjoyed a little vacation in Thailand.

    That was not okay with one angry Yankees fan on Twitter, who sent a little insult out into cyberspace.

    Harvey responded, giving the troll exactly what he wanted. Clearly still bothered, Harvey responded again, and again, and again and... well, take a look at the whole conversation yourself:

    Nothing better than blasting music, relaxing overlooking the most amazing blue water by yourself in Thailand. Happiness

    — Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) January 13, 2014

    @MattHarvey33 You have what? NINETEEN career wins? Why on Earth do you think you can act like you're in the Hall of Fame?

    — Nick DeBabylon (@NickDeBabylon) January 13, 2014

    @MattHarvey33 Accomplish something before acting like u have accomplished everything. Be a little humble. Is THAT a problem?

    — Nick DeBabylon (@NickDeBabylon) January 13, 2014

    @NickDeBabylon I actually just did my rehab and could still probably throw better than you. Although you probably have more wins than me

    — Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) January 13, 2014

    @NickDeBabylon makes so much sense, since I am attacking someone on twitter at 7am about being on vacation.

    — Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) January 13, 2014

    @NickDeBabylon seems like you have the big problem sir.

    — Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) January 13, 2014

    @NickDeBabylon I am quite happy and will enjoy rehab, life and getting back to beating the Yankees. Which I have done.

    — Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) January 13, 2014

    @NickDeBabylon and also considering you having a baseball emblem of the New York Yankees. Throwing a baseball seems important

    — Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) January 13, 2014

    @NickDeBabylon I think the Yankees have a couple guys who throw baseballs. And that is quite important

    — Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) January 13, 2014

    @MattHarvey33 Say prayer ur 'bow comes back. ALL of it, the  $ the adoration, the supermodels will be GONE so fast it will make ur head spin

    — Nick DeBabylon (@NickDeBabylon) January 13, 2014

    #Good morning everyone who is nice!!  I'll be back soon pic.twitter.com/yajtjcqZNM

    — Matt Harvey (@MattHarvey33) January 13, 2014


    Did you see that?

    Yeah, good morning everyone who is NICE!

    You don't wanna be nice, guess what? You're not getting a good morning greeting from Matt Harvey. Joke's on you.

    It's safe to say that Harvey would have been better off just ignoring the guy in the first place, but that would have been no fun for the rest of us.

Dwight Howard

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    Every young man learns the same lesson from his father before entering adulthood: If a young woman says something rude about you on Twitter, take the high road, be mature about it and... insult her appearance?

    This is apparently the lesson that Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard was taught.

    After @uHateBre had decided to poke fun at Dwight for failing to win an NBA championship thus far in his career, Howard decided the best thing to do would be to send an insult back at the fan.


    😂😂u ain't never getting a ring “@DwightHoward: @marcuskirk980 let it go. No need to dwell on the past”

    — Brittni (@uHateBre) August 7, 2013



    @uHateBre with that face ion think u getting one either lol.

    — Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward) August 7, 2013


    Oh, don't worry. @uHateBre wasn't going to let Howard get away with that one.


    @DwightHoward lmaooooo got one unlike your babymothers

    — Brittni (@uHateBre) August 7, 2013


    And just like that, the too-easily offended Dwight Howard suffered a loss in a Twitter fight that was more embarrassing than his team's early exit from the playoffs.

Allen Iverson

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    Practice is apparently a touchy subject around Allen Iverson. Don't criticize his practice habits in public unless you're willing to hear him repeat the word 16.5 times over the course of a one-minute, 39-second segment of an interview (yes, I counted, and yes, this video represents only a small slice of the epic press conference).

    Iverson did not take kindly to interviewers calling into question his practice habits after his team was eliminated from the postseason, and his coach had declared that he needed to start setting a better example for his teammates.

    In fact, he was so bothered by this accusation that he went on a rant that has gone down as one of the most epic press conferences in sports history.

    Let the lesson be learned: Never insult a man's practice habits after he has single-handedly carried an entire franchise to relevance with virtually no help from his teammates. He might just get a wee bit angry.

Chris Bosh

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    Chris Bosh is easily the most talented, most popular and most important player on the Miami Heat. There's so much I would want him to tell me if I were blessed with an opportunity to talk to the NBA legend.

    For example, I'd love to know...


    I'd really want him to tell me about...

    You know, his...


    Okay, so maybe I don't really have any questions to ask Bosh because maybe he isn't actually that talented or popular or important. Maybe talking to Chris Bosh wouldn't really be that interesting because he's not really that interesting.

    The reporters at this press conference apparently didn't have much to ask him, either. Insulted by their general lack of interest, Bosh stands up and storms out of the interview, muttering under his breath.

    Don't worry, Chris. The media will probably be really excited to talk to you as soon as...


    Hey, you just keep playing your hardest, buddy.

Richard Sherman

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    Richard Sherman showed up to his interview with Skip Bayless on ESPN's First Take already frustrated with the eternally frustrating Skip Bayless and ready to make his case.

    Sherman, like everyone else on planet Earth, was offended by something the great sports guru that is Bayless had said. Specifically, the Seahawks corner was not happy with Bayless questioning his supremacy among cornerbacks in the NFL.

    Sherman goes above and beyond in his attempt to squash Bayless to the ground, demanding that he be referred to only as "All-Pro Stanford Graduate" and declaring himself better than Bayless at life, which I really have a hard time arguing with.

    Bayless, Lord of the Trolls, is, of course, loving every second of it, as Skip's life is primarily driven by the desire to make the rest of the world angry.

    While we're on the subject, does anybody know where I can order a No. 25 Seahawks jersey that says "All-Pro Stanford Graduate" on the back?

Derek Anderson

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    Derek Anderson was, without a doubt, 1000 times more terrifying in this post-game press conference than he ever has been during a football game throughout his entire career.

    After cameras caught him—God forbid—smiling at the end of an embarrassing loss on Monday Night Football, a keen reporter called Anderson out for displaying approximately three seconds of momentary happiness during the defeat.

    Because, you know, if your team is losing, you shouldn't laugh, smile or express any happiness for even one single second.

    Anderson was irked by the reporter's question, and rightfully so. What happened next was a rant that stands today as the highlight of the quarterback's mostly-unimpressive career.

    Watch the video above to see the interview in all its glory, but DON'T YOU DARE SMILE. Seriously. This is NOT A JOKE.

Brandon Phillips

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    Insult a man's family, insult a man's work ethic, insult a man's talent, insult a man's lifestyle, insult a man's personality, and he'll still be alright at the end of the day.

    But never, never, never insult a man's on base percentage.

    One reporter learned this the hard way after criticizing Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips' OBP and getting a verbal attack from Phillips that sounds like it included approximately 65-70 percent expletives.

    Come on, man, that's like—the first rule of the bro code. A man's on base percentage is his own business, and no matter how embarrassingly bad it is (and Phillips' was embarrassingly bad) you can't call it out in public.

    Some guys are just born with a bad OBP, and it's a struggle they deal with their whole lives.

    I stand with you, Brandon.

Jim Everett

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    This is the undisputed classic in the "offended athlete" genre.

    Love Jim Rome or hate Jim Rome, you have to give the guy credit for really knowing how to get under another man's skin.

    Jim Everett was an NFL quarterback. Chris Everett was a female tennis player.

    Jim Rome knew the difference but intentionally referred to the QB as "Chris" right to his face just to get a reaction. And oh, what an incredible reaction he got—as shown in all its glory in the video above.

    When Ham Porter exclaims, "You play ball like a girl!" in the classic baseball flick The Sandlot, everyone gasps in terror. When Rome makes a similar jab in this interview, the consequence is much, much worse.

Ryan Leaf

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    Is Ryan Leaf around? No? Okay, good.

    I'm afraid to make fun of him to his face for fear of being verbally attacked or physically ripped to pieces.

    You see, Leaf doesn't take criticism all that well. Never did. And he got his fair share of criticism during his very brief and very pathetic career as a quarterback in the NFL.

    In fact, the most memorable aspect of his time in the NFL is probably this little video clip—when he gets a little angry at a reporter for talking to him about his all-too-predictable 1-for-15 passing performance in a game during his rookie year.

    Needless to say, Leaf isn't in the league anymore. The guy who was drafted one spot ahead of him in 1998 quarterbacked the Broncos to the Super Bowl last year. Funny how things work out.


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