LeBron James Jr. Caught a Tuna While Fishing and His Dad Went Nuts

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 3, 2014


As far as fatherly moments go, seeing your son catch his first fish is like watching Ray Allen hit the corner three in Game 6. You'll never forget it.

LeBron James experienced a proud moment Wednesday when his nine-year-old son, LeBron James Jr., reeled in a blackfin tuna while on vacation.

James' son cranked the fish up to the boat, and suffice to say, everyone present lost their mind.

"What color is it?!" screamed LeBron Sr. as the fish wriggled on the line.

The Miami Heat star gushed in his caption of the video, writing that Junior needed to take his skills to the next level: "Bronny caught him a black fin tuna. Need to put him on 'Wicked Tuna'. #WeWasHyped #WhatColorWasIt #JamesVacation."

While other top-level free agents are engaging in high-profile, nationwide tours, James is relaxing. He's enjoying a summer that, by all rights, should be a nightmare for him.

After opting out of his contract with the Heat, it appeared Miami's superstar planned to bring the Big Three together to plan a rebuilding, although that may no longer be the case.

ESPN's Chris Broussard continues to beat the street, looking for indications of a collaborative, team-building effort between James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, but writes that none seems to exist:

When Chris Bosh and Wade opted out of their contracts a few days later—joining James who had done so before their lunch meeting—it was widely assumed the three were working together and would all return to the Heat.

But sources who have spoken with two of the Big 3 said that was not the case. Bosh and Wade are intent on returning to Miami, but neither of them knows what James will do.

Indeed, it appears no one knows what's on James' mind, but it's clear he's not sweating unfinished business in Miami.

Like so many other dads, he's leaving his work headaches on dry land. He likely has a picture in his mind of which NBA jersey he'll be wearing this fall, leaving the rest of us to shout a familiar question: What color is it?!


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