NFL Season Preview: AFC South and AFC West

Tyler PollardCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2009

SAN DIEGO - JANUARY 03:  Wide receiver Reggie Wayne #87 of the Indianapolis Colts talks with quaterback Peyton Manning #18 during the AFC Wild Card Game against the San Diego Chargers on January 3, 2009 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Here are my predictions for the AFC South and West.

AFC South

1. Tennessee Titans 12-4

Reason: The Titans surprised many last year with there 10-0 before losing 34-23 to the Jets. Albert Haynsworth is leaving but I don't think it will really matter that much considering they still have Jevon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch.  Also they got Nate Washington to help out Kerry Collins.

2. Indianapolis Colts 12-4

Reason: Manning took the Colts on that amazing run last year wining thier last nine games to put them in the playoffs. Thier are alot of questions for the Colts heading into 2009. How will Jim Caldwell do? Will Payton Manning's knee hold up? Well how about this the Colts were 31st in the league in rushing yards, what if they went out and signed free agent Edgerin James.

3. Houston Texans 9-7

Reason: The Texans are slowly becoming a contender for the AFC South, they have alot of potentiol with young talent like Andre Johnson and Mario Williams. You look back at thier 2006 draft pick Mario Williams looks to be a good pick by the texans. Also Matt Shaub and Andre Johnson seem to be on the same page as the Texans were 4th in passing yards last year.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8

Reason: What happened to the Jaguars, they went from being 11-5 to 5-11. I'll tell you what, lack of offensive line for David Garrard and Muarice-Jones Drew. Drafting Euegene Monroe should help give more space for Garrard and Jones Drew. Also if they were to sign Marvin Harrison, they would have something they have'nt had in years, a go-to reciever.

                                                    AFC South Awards

MVP: Payton Manning: 4400 YD's/ 34 TD's

Defensive Player: Mario Willams: 15 SCK's/ 65 TCK's

Offensive Player: Chris Johnson: 1,500 YD's/13 TD's

Rookie Of Year: Brian Cushing: 78 TCK's/ 2 INT's/ 7 SCK's 

                                                        AFC West

1. San Diego Chargers 13-3

Reason: San Diego missed Shawn Merriman last season and with him back, the defense will be alot better. And when they brought in former Bears Defensive Cordinator Ron Riveria in the middle of the season last year the defense got alot better and they went on that run to win the divison. Also Phillips Rivers is finally starting to mature into a excellent QB.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9

Reason: Bringing in Matt Cassel was a good trade, the Chiefs will be good in the future just not his year. Dwayne Bowe is really developing into a good WR and will have a breakout year for the Chiefs. Also the defense has alot of young talent in Tyson Jackson and Glen Dorsey, but in my oponion they would be even better if they had Aaron Curry instead of Tyson Jackson.

3. Denver Broncos 7-9

Reason: The Broncos had a nightmare of a offseason losing there star QB Jay Cutler to the Bears. It will get even worse if they lose Brandon Marshall but they have alot of potential with Eddie Royal. Thier defense should get better, considering they signed Brian Dawkins. Also there running back trouble should get better after drafting Knowshawn Moreno.

4. Oakland Raiders 3-13

Reason: I don't know where to start with this team first of all they made a gigantic mistake in passing up Michael Crabtree. They will be a team to watch in a couple of year when all thier young players develop like Darren Mcfadden and Jamarcus Russel. This year though signing Jeff Garcia was a good signing not so he could bring them wins which they desperatly need but so that he can teach Russel considering they have the same kind of QB style.

                                                       AFC West Awards

MVP: Phillip Rivers: 4300 YD's/ 35 TD's

Defensive Player:  Shawn Merriman: 74 TCK's/ 9 SCK's/

Offensive Player: Dwayne Bowe: 1200 YD's/ 9 TD's

Rookie Of Year: Knoweshawn Moreno: 1100 YD's/ 11 TD's