Wanted: Leader in the Mets' Clubhouse

Sean BarryCorrespondent IMay 3, 2008

Teams need leaders.  In football nine times out of ten, it's the quarterback.  In ice hockey, it's the captain. 

In baseball almost all teams have some type of leader. But not the Mets. 

Everyone is looking to David Wright to be the new leader.  News flash—he's not a leader.  At least not now. 

The team doesn't need someone who says, "Okay, we had a bad day," like Willie Randolph does constantly. 

The Mets need someone to yell at the players and go nuts about the mental mistakes that occur far too often. 

I really miss Lo Duca.  He was one of the best leaders. 

I'm glad Wagner has started to speak up and talk about Perez's terrible job on Wednesday.  The thing is, he's not an every day player.

Willie needs to put some type of swagger into the team's momentum. Otherwise they are going to play just like last year.