How Sports Stars Spend Their Summer

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 11, 2014

How Sports Stars Spend Their Summer

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    One of the best parts about being a kid was, what else, summer vacation.

    Filled with trips to the neighborhood swimming pool with friends, lazy days of doing absolutely nothing and eating things like Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it was what every kid lived for.

    And while summer vacation doesn't really happen for us normal adults anymore, for some of our favorite sports stars, it's their time to have some R & R, escaping the demands of being a professional athlete.

    So what have some of these guys been doing during their time off? Glad you asked, because I'm about to show you.

Floyd Mayweather

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    He may be the highest-paid athlete on the planet, but apparently boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. thinks that he needs another source of income during these warm months.

    Seeing how it's scorching hot out seemingly everywhere, though, I'm surprised that he's not outside doing something for it instead choosing to sit in this boutique in Las Vegas.

    Actually, it's like triple digits in Vegas, so Money might be really smart with this move.


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    Brazilian soccer stud Neymar suffered an unfortunate injury that cost him a chance to play in the semifinal thrashing against Germany, but he also showed to have some downtime with his teammate Thiago Silva as well.

    Rocking some frames—which appear to actually be prescription—Neymar took this selfie with Silva accompanied by the words, "My bro."

    It's too bad his bro and him weren't on the pitch against Germany though, otherwise the humiliating loss may not have happened.

Usain Bolt

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    Being the fastest man in the world definitely has its perks.

    In addition to dusting pretty much anyone who challenges him on the track, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt also got to sit courtside during this year's NBA Finals next to another champion, Serena Williams.

    Damn, the dude is done with his races within seconds and gets to enjoy these types of spoils? Wish I was blessed with such talent.

Blake Griffin

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    So I've heard a rumor that Croatia is apparently the hidden gem of all European vacation spots.

    People say that while others flock to places like Italy, France, Ibiza, Spain and more, Croatia is just as breathtaking a country and a hell of a lot less crowded.

    Seems Los Angeles Clippers star forward Blake Griffin heard the same thing, because he was strolling around the beach just a few weeks ago.

Russell Wilson

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    Coming off a Super Bowl victory, I suppose that I shouldn't question whatever Russell Wilson decides he wants to do in his free time.

    But hanging out in an empty CenturyLink Field and recording a random Instagram video doesn't sound like it's too much fun.

    While Wilson did that with this video, he's also been a staple at numerous Seattle Mariners games and plenty of children's hospitals, lifting a kid's day by showing up.

Lionel Messi

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    So how does one celebrate after winning the most important match of their life to send their country to the World Cup semifinals? If you're Argentine striker Lionel Messi, you snap a team pic on the plane with the rest of your mates.

    It's what Leo did from the airport and on the plane after his squad defeated Belgium to stay alive in the tournament—eventually winning against Netherlands to advance to the finals.

Colin Kaepernick

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    San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick may have caught some flak a few years ago for being too tatted up—which was bogus—but that doesn't stop him from adding ink to his body.

    Even though Kap is covered from head to toe, he still found some skin to have filled in with a new design a few weeks ago, which he proudly showed off once it was finally completed.

    The dual-threat signal-caller was inspired by the words, "Money is the root of all evil," which, ironically, comes after he signed a massive deal with the Niners this offseason.

Kobe Bryant

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    L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant may not have had the type of comeback season he had hoped for—instead finding himself back on the shelf after a knee injury—but he still has plenty of money to enjoy nice things.

    The Mamba proved that by sending out this dual photo of him and his wife Vanessa in Athens, checking out the stadium in which the first Olympics was held.

    Bryant might not be a Greek god, but he is arguably the current NBA god of clutch.

Alex Morgan

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    After seeing this photo of Alex Morgan with her sister in Portland, I immediately thought of a few things.

    First, Alex Morgan is still the most perfect girl on the planet.

    Second, she's in Portland, which is a mere three hours from me in Seattle, which means I could technically try to be a weirdo and try to run into her in the Rose City.

    And third, she really looks like she's enjoying the nice weather, getting out for a hike that looks phenomenal.

    The U.S. women's soccer star has shown time and time again that she knows how to have fun, and this is her latest way of doing it.

Justin Verlander

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    While people typically get ripped on for taking too many selfies, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander had a good reason for doing so last month at the team's photo day.

    Turning the lens on himself, Verlander posed with a number of different kids, no doubt making their day—and probably summer—by doing so.

    And when he's not snapping pics of himself? Well, the right-hander has someone doing it for him—while wearing a full Zubaz outfit, of course.

Kevin Durant

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    Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant may have been named the league MVP this year, but that hasn't made him complacent and unwilling to improve his game.

    KD gave fans an idea of some of his unique summer training techniques, posting this video of him twirling as if he were on the dance floor before popping a few shots.

    Hey, the guy is sick of being second-best all the time, so this might be his way of finally becoming No. 1.

Andrew Wiggins

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    After being one of the most hyped players of the past decade, former Kansas Jayhawk and current Cleveland Cavalier Andrew Wiggins finally had his shining moment.

    That would be on draft night, as he was snapped walking around after being selected first overall by the Cavs a few weeks ago.

    With one of the more interesting outfits in recent draft memory, I wonder if he'll look back and rethink his choice in a few years?

    Either way, his summer now includes lots of basketball, as he's playing in the NBA Summer League for Cleveland.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    With the caption, "Happy to spend Children's Day with my son," all-world striker Cristiano Ronaldo showed me a few things.

    The obvious one is that he seems like a good dad, taking time a week before the World Cup in early June to spend some time with his son.

    But more than that, I had no idea there was such a thing as Children's Day, so I owe a big thank you to CR7 for letting me know something like that existed.

    After his Portugal side got bounced in the group stage of the World Cup, Cristiano has plenty of time to spend with his little guy.

Johnny Manziel

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    If you've paid any attention to the news at all, new Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has had quite the summer vacation—and I'm not referring to this tame pic of him and Robert Griffin III at the Heisman House.

    While he no doubt has spent countless hours studying the team's playbook and trying to unseat incumbent starter Brian Hoyer on the depth chart, Johnny Football hasn't stepped back from the partying scene as much as the team would like.

    Whether he's being photographed at baseball games with quite the attractive females, hanging around other big-named celebs at night or being caught doing something suspicious with a dollar bill in a bathroom, Manziel seems to be really enjoying his summer.

LeBron James

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    Decision 2.0? Who needs that kind of stress?

    It appears that LeBron James doesn't, as he shot this video of his oldest son Ronnie catching a big fish on their boat last week.

    Bron Bron may not enjoy all the speculation of where he's going to sign next year, but he seems to have been enjoying some fun with his family.