Al Davis and Hillary Clinton: They Don't Know When To Leave

Mike SimmonsCorrespondent IMay 3, 2008

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOO," that's the sound everyone heard at Radio City Music Hall when the Raiders selected Darren McFadden with the fifth overall pick of the 2008 NFL Draft.

These boos were started by Jets fans who would have liked McFadden as a running mate of Thomas Jones in the still gelling Jets offense.

But Al Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders for 50-some years now (dating back to the AFL Raiders), wouldn't allow that to happen, because he attempted to "bolster" his backfield which was already carrying three potential starting running backs.  

Every Raiders fan hates this man and wants him to leave or die a slow and painful death. The NFL during the 90's also wanted this. But this man, throughout all the peril and the grief, is still standing tall in northern California.

This determination not to leave reminds me of real-life issues. By this, I mean politics. Hillary Clinton, New York Senator and Presidential Candidate, just never knows when to leave.

She's been in this race for two years now and led for awhile, until Barack Obama came from behind, and now has led for six months.

With the remaining time left in this race, many Democrats have started to get irritated with her perseverance and resolve to win the race.

This brings me back to Al Davis, a man who had several opportunities to sell the team and have everyone forget about his horrible tenure as an NFL executive. 

But no. He wasn't going to go that easily.

Sadly, with a lot of NFL functions and stadiums going up in Los Angeles, Al Davis can just sell the Raiders, move them, and turn their current stadium into his own personal retirement home.

Its slogan can be "Stay with us and your life will last as long as my arrogance."

In conclusion, anyone can see these two people should really leave, and fast.