The Week Ahead: What to Expect From WWE and TNA

Chris JeterContributor IJuly 5, 2009

Heading into this week, there were a lot of main event storyline progressions with WWE gearing up for their Night of Champions Pay-Per-View, while TNA is gearing up for their upcoming Victory Road event. Here are some major things to remember going in to this week.



Last week, Triple H defeated MVP, and John Cena defeated The Miz in their respective Night of Champions tournament matches.

The will face off tonight in the finals with the winner facing Randy Orton for the WWE title at the PPV.



On the night where ECW General Manager Tiffany rebooted the New Superstar Initiative, Vladimir Koslov pinned Tommy Dreamer in a tag team match also involving Christian and William Regal. 



In the second officially made match for Night of Champions, General Manager Theodore Long announced that C.M. Punk will once again face Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Later, Edge pinned C.M. Punk after Jeff Hardy feigned an eye injury, leaving Punk to fend for himself.



This past Thursday, Kurt Angle retained his TNA World Heavyweight Title by forcing Jeff Jarrett to pass out while the Ankle Lock was applied.

After the match Sting appeared and took out the Mafia with his patented baseball bat and left the Impact Zone with Angle's title.

If you saw the RAW spoilers for tomorrow night, don't ruin it please.

It looks like it may be Koslov/Dreamer at Night of Champions and we know the other two title matches at both WWE's Pay-Per-View, as well as TNA. Thanks for reading.