The Miz Should Be Kept Out of Field for Battleground Battle Royal

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 11, 2014

WWE Champion The Miz, center, speaks at a news conference to promote a world welterweight champioship bout between Manny Pacquiao, of the Philippines, and Juan Manuel Marquez, of Mexico, Pacquiao-Marquez III, in Beverly Hills, Calif., Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011.  The fighters will meet Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)
Reed Saxon/Associated Press

The Miz is onto something special with his current Hollywood gimmick, and everybody knows an A-list celebrity does not perform at an unheralded pay-per-view franchise like WWE Battleground.

On Monday's Raw, Miz showed the type of dedication to his new character that has been missing from his standard heel-in-a-suit routine.

No longer the obnoxious broham who seemed intent on screaming his way back to the main event and who vacillated between face and heel turns, The Miz actually means something these days.

As part of his insistence to remain in Hollywood, Miz speaks softly and obsesses over his face. His entrance video includes the green-band disclaimer often seen prior to movie trailers.

Miz has gone all-in with his new persona, and it is a risk that should be fittingly rewarded by allowing him to have his own spotlight.

The recent returns of Superstars such as Sheamus and Rob Van Dam have been business as usual. Sheamus is still a brogue-kicking try-hard, and neither RVD’s character nor move set have deviated from his '00s heyday.

This is why WWE Superstars such as RVD and Sheamus can so easily be thrown into a Battleground Battle Royal with the rest of a homogenised midcard.

Miz, however, is special.

He presents a dynamic act, the nuances of which set him apart from The Rock—who portrayed a similar Hollywood heel—in 2003. Lumping him in with a field full of fledgling midcarders would further dilute an otherwise promising gimmick.

Even if he would be booked to win, willingly participating in a midcard Battle Royal isn’t becoming of an A-lister.

Miz would benefit as a heel if he were booked to decline an invitation to the Battle Royal because so many WWE Superstars would be too dangerous for his movie-star mug.

Miz’s booking has been quite ominous despite his early potential. His appearances on Raw and SmackDown since his return have seen him take two Codebreakers and a clean loss to Chris Jericho.

Somewhere in between, however, Miz has been strong in promos as he continues to emphasize his motivations since being retooled.

During his most recent backstage interview with Renee Young, Miz read a letter from a young fan. The segment was brilliant in that Miz conveyed a delusion of grandeur that built upon itself with every word he read.

Miz’s bright spots on the mic will keep him relevant in the face of a potential losing streak. If he continues to evolve with continued Hollywood rants, and maybe a ringside hair-and-makeup artist during his matches, not only will his losses seem secondary, but they will also start turning into wins.

For now, a moral victory will come in the form of WWE realizing what Miz brings to a lacking heel roster. Keeping him away from his struggling contemporaries will only help his cause.