Derek Jeter's First Children's Book Set to Be Released in September

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 12, 2014


Derek Jeter's baseball career is coming to an end, but his career as a book publisher is just beginning.

Last fall, Publisher's Weekly's Calvin Reid reported that the New York Yankees shortstop would team up with Simon & Schuster to create Jeter Publishing. The publishing company would work on releasing adult nonfiction, picture books, middle-grade fiction and more.

Now, Jeter is set to release his first children's book, The Contract.

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Here is Amazon's description of the book:

As a young boy, Derek Jeter dreams of begin the shortstop for the New York Yankees. He even imagines himself in the World Series. So when Derek is chosen for the Little League Tigers, he hopes to play shortstop. But on the day of the assignments, Derek Starts at second base. Still, he tries his best while he wishes and dreams of that shortstop spot. And to help him stay focused on school, his parents make him a contract: keep up the grades or no baseball. Derek makes sure he always plays his best game—on and off the baseball field!

Jeter is listed as the author of the book, with Paul Mantell contributing.

The Contract will be released September 23, but fans can already preorder the book.

Jeter's first book is ready to go, but he's not stopping there. According to's Nina Ruggiero, two more children's books are already lined up:

Chronicle of Jeter's last season

A title has not yet been announced (perhaps because the story is not yet finished) for a chronicle of Jeter's final season, to be told primarily through photographs taken by Chris Anderson.

Publication date: Fall 2014

The Ed Lucas Story

After going blind at just 12 years old, Ed Lucas went on to study broadcasting and become the first person without his sight to cover baseball in such a capacity. His story is also in development to be told in film form.

Publication date: Spring 2015

With this new project in full swing, Jeter will be able to stay busy even after his baseball career is over.

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