John Cena vs. Roman Reigns and Best Potential WWE Mega Feuds

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 14, 2014

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns and Best Potential WWE Mega Feuds

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    In John Cena vs. Roman Reigns, WWE has a mega feud at the ready, a pride's alpha male forced to fend off a hungry young lion looking to supplant him.

    That potential collision is one of the company's best options going forward. Other former members of The Shield, a cackling monster and a Swiss strongman offer the company exciting directions to head as well.

    A feud worthy of SummerSlam or WrestleMania must have star power aplenty, provide a fresh matchup and create a buzz at just the mention of it. The potential rivalries listed here alongside Reigns vs. Cena all possess those traits.

    They also feature enticing potential storylines and in some cases, the two combatants have already displayed chemistry in previous meetings that suggest greatness ahead.

    The following list includes a rivalry from Japan traveling to WWE, two men with the same manger locking horns and rising stars look to knocking off the established big names. It's however not a list of dream meetings and so doesn't include Superstars who aren't officially signed yet (i.e. Sting), on a hiatus that may never end (i.e. CM Punk) or are surrounded with questions about whether they will ever compete again like The Undertaker. 

Roman Reigns vs. John Cena

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    At Battleground, fans will get a sampling of a feud with tremendous potential. 

    The Fatal 4-Way for the WWE title will feature both John Cena and Roman Reigns. This certainly won't be their last meeting. WWE can headline a major pay-per-view with these two on the marquee.

    Cena's star power and championship pedigree bring an electricity to just about every feud he has. He remains the company's benchmark, the man who has been sitting in WWE's throne for so long that it has molded to his shape.

    Reigns is stockpiling momentum in a hurry.

    Crowd reaction for him is increasingly thunderous as it was when he and Rusev faced off as the last two men standing in the Battle Royal before Money in the Bank. His explosive offense, intensity and marketable look make him a potential top-tier star.

    One potential route to that tier is for Reigns to go through Cena.

    Much like when Brock Lesnar knocked off The Rock in 2002 or when The Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan back in 1990, it would be a signal of an emerging star arriving on the mountaintop. The proverbial passing-of-the-torch moment is possible with Reigns vs. Cena.

    It helps that WWE has protected Reigns and made defeat a rarity for him.

    That and giving him some big wins between now and then would make Reigns a viable threat to Cena. Anticipation about whether Reigns can do what so few men have—pin Cena cleanly—would have folks ready to throw down cash to see this.

Daniel Bryan vs. KENTA

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    Pro Wrestling Noah star KENTA is now officially a member of the WWE roster. It remains to be seen if the Japanese talent will translate to the WWE audience, but those who have followed his career know just how exciting of a wrestler he is.

    Should the company pit him against a healed Daniel Bryan, fans are going to be in for a treat.

    For casual fans, this feud lacks the star power that the others have. Diehards, though, will be psyched to see KENTA and Bryan meet for the first time in years.

    They battled for Ring of Honor and in Japan. Each time out, the result was a stunning match.

    WWE can allude to their past clashes, introduce KENTA on a major stage and be assured of high-quality ring work with this feud. For those familiar with KENTA's work, excitement is going to burn like a fever.

    For those still getting acquainted with him, a series of instant classics should win them over in no time.

Cesaro vs. Brock Lesnar

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    As popular as Daniel Bryan is and as renowned as John Cena is, one can make the case that Brock Lesnar is the biggest star on the roster.

    His time fighting for UFC, his reigns as WWE's top champion and the novelty of his appearances make his feuds a more powerful tool. Choosing Cesaro to face him elevates The King of Swing instantly.

    It would have Cesaro join a select group that has included top-tier stars like Triple H, Undertaker, CM Punk and Cena as men Lesnar has faced since returning.

    The story options are plentiful, most of which would begin with Paul Heyman. Perhaps Cesaro grows jealous of Heyman always mentioning Lesnar breaking Undertaker's streak, for example.

    Tension between his clients led to last year's classic Punk vs. Lesnar bout. Cesaro has a similar opportunity ahead of him.

    His power and size makes him one of the believable threats to take down Lesnar.

    It's a matchup fans have yet to see, one that pits the old guard against the new guard. The audience will know that a victory for Cesaro here gives him his magnum opus.

    That increases the anticipation for each of their meetings, making winning or losing a career-defining moment. 

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

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    There was no guesswork needed in terms of how fans felt about the The Shield and The Wyatt Family rivalry.

    Each time the groups stared each other down, the audience responded with approving roars. Even with The Shield no longer a unit, WWE can still draw from that energy. A one-on-one version of those battles remains an option should Bray Wyatt face off against Roman Reigns.

    It's the ideal of combination of fresh and reliable matchup.

    Each man's explosiveness and unique offense promises some stellar bouts. WWE knows these two have excellent chemistry together based on their previous meetings, but this would feel far different without as many moving parts.

    The company could then focus in on a story of two up-and-comers fighting to pass the other on the WWE ladder.

    Both Reigns and Wyatt's star power is growing as the former continues the hunt for the WWE title and the latter is set to face future Hall of Famer Chris Jericho.

    Pitting them against each other will create matches with the proverbial big-fight feel. 

Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan

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    Once Seth Rollins cashes in on his Money in the Bank contract and steals the WWE title away from someone, an ideal rival to step up to him is someone he knows quite well—Daniel Bryan.

    A story with instant appeal awaits them. No one ever actually beat Bryan for the championship. Once he recovers from neck surgery, he should return angry, focused and with plenty of pent-up hatred for The Authority. That puts Rollins in the center of his sights.

    Whether or not WWE puts this feud together in time to make that narrative happen, it's one worth showcasing at a premier event.

    During Bryan's many battles with The Shield, it was his interactions with Rollins that were the most thrilling. The two men's speed and high-flying style made for action one couldn't look away from.

    Now that Bryan has been WWE champ and headlined a WrestleMania, this meeting has more significance. Victory here would elevate Rollins' career far more than before Bryan's rise. It's a collision that showcases the caliber of both WWE's present and future.

Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose provided a glimpse of a potentially powerful feud on the July 7 Raw.

    Their lengthy battle that night showed off a chemistry between them that WWE should exploit on a bigger stage. Aggressiveness, hard strikes and a touch of mental instability make the two foes more similar than they first appear.

    It's both men's nuttiness that would make this feud the most fun.

    Ambrose has shown off his loose-cannon side against Seth Rollins. Orton has played grinning psychotic in the past. A merging of two deranged men has great promise.

    In addition, Orton's accomplished career contrasted with Ambrose's upward movement make for an intriguing possible rivalry. Orton is not as big of a star as John Cena is, but there's a huge changing-of-the-guard moment up for grabs if Ambrose can beat him at a major pay-per-view.

John Cena vs. Cesaro

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    With or without the WWE title, John Cena remains the king. All the big wins and championships he's won over the last decade make his matches feel momentous, and a chance at besting him is a chance at changing one's career forever.

    Of WWE's available options to pit against him, Cesaro is one of the best.

    He's on the cusp of becoming a top-level star and is a powerful grappler who is a believable threat to Cena. Fans have seen him close to the promised land, losing out at Elimination Chamber inside the steel structure and again in a Ladder match at Money in the Bank for the world title.

    This feud would be Cesaro's proving ground, his career apex, becoming a titan by facing one. 

    It's an exciting new pairing, but one that WWE can rely on. Their match on Feb. 17 grabbed hold of the audience. Upping the stakes, adding hype and putting this at the end of a major pay-per-view would only better it.

    WWE has many puzzle pieces on the table in front of it. Putting Cesaro and Cena together is a smart way to use two of those.